Season 1 Episode 10

A Death in the Family

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 11, 2009 on ABC

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  • A complex mob murder and Castle finds too much information about Beckett's mother's murder.

    Another winner, great story and a continuation of Beckett's mother's murder case.

    Castle's daughter goes on her first date and restrained, Castle actually doesn't embarrass her. She did look very lovely, the color of the dress was particularly well chosen for her very fair complexion and hair. Very sweet kiss after the date and it was nice that Castle didn't interfere. He gives her a great deal of space which works because she is so responsible and she doesn't abuse it. It's a wonderful relationship and well played as always.

    Castle has a friend look into the autopsy records of Beckett's mother's murder and finds out the coroner botched the case. The killing stab was straight to the kidney, the killer would have to have some knowledge of anatomy since how many of us could manage that? Very deliberate and a signature that shows up in another three murders during the same time period. We could be talking serial killer here. Beckett forbade him to investigate, even threatening to disown him but he cares about her too much not to tell her. The whole end sequence was perfectly done, just the right amount of darkness and sensitivity on Castle's part.

    Beckett's still sensitive feelings for her ex when he gets shot was beautifully handled, got all that bottled emotion across without ever being overly dramatic or clichéd. Understated and elegantly acted.

    What is the rest of the story and will Beckett do the unthinkable and banish Castle from her life? Can't wait to see what happens next!