Season 6 Episode 8

A Murder is Forever

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2013 on ABC
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Castle and Beckett work the murder case of a famed relationship therapist. While it first appears that client secrets may have been the motivating factor, a rare valuable object discovered in the victim's possession makes the case much more complicated.

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  • Pocket diamond

    A priceless, previously undiscovered, huge, perfect diamond is discovered in the possession of a murder victim, so the police department allow 2 cops, Ryan and Esposito, to just roam about town with this priceless gem in their pockets, which inevitably gets stolen. Right. This would happen in real life, Obviously.
  • A Murder is Forever

    Interesting, and high stakes given the diamond, but I can't say this episode stood out as being original or that entertaining. Average at best.
  • Wandering around town with a 100-carat diamond?

    The writers really thought the viewers would believe that scenario? I found it hard to stay awake during this episode. And, Beckett making an issue of the lion picture was absurd. She's a police officer and a picture of a lion is going to freak her out?
  • Good case, predictable dynamic

    Someday, I'd like an episode where someone besides Castle himself had to grow up and develop. Good episode overall, but everybody watching knew, from the start, he was going to be the one to yield and take the picture down (It was a sweet gesture in and of itself, but this is really getting repetitive).

    Also, can we toughen up Castle a little bit? He was so much cooler in the first season. They've played up his comic side so much that the suave, confident, devil-may-care attitude that made him so entertaining and watchable in the beginning has faded away. If we're supposed to believe him when he says he and Beckett are both alphas, he needs to start acting like one himself rather than letting everyone (Beckett, Alexis, Ryan and Espo every time he needs something not work-related) walk all over him.

    Love the show to death, but Castle needs to regrow his backbone.moreless

    Sorry, couldn't resist the pun in the heading. Unlike the previous reviewer, mnementh01, I loved this, and no, women are not taught to withhold sex, they just do from jerks like you.

    To the programme, I loved this and seeing Castle with the shell picture that he had made for Becket I loved him even more. This is a man who loves women and he will do anything to make his woman happy, but he's also a man's man and there's nothing wrong with that.

    The story was a bit silly but nonetheless it was still very entertaining. The interplay between Castle/Becket, Castle/Gates, Ryan/Esposito/Castle etc was brilliant as usual. (See the diamond reference again!)

    Loved it all, as usual and can't wait for the next few episodes. I just wish that America wouldn't do this hiatus thing for the holiday season. Hate it!moreless
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