Season 2 Episode 12

A Rose for Everafter

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on ABC
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Castle and Beckett are called to a wedding to investigate the murder of a bridesmaid. Castle realizes that the wedding is from a former girlfriend Kyra. Everyone's feelings are compromised, since Kyra has doubts about who she is marrying, Castle's feelings may not be as objective in the case and Beckett picks up the connection between them, making her a little jealous and have poor judgement.


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  • It's been a while since the Finale of 'Charmed' and Alyssa Milano's presence in Castle was a huge refresher.

    So we honestly get to meet Castle's first true love, or as he put it '...the one that got away'. How many of us can relate? First there is the 'let's take a break' test of time, then there is the looking back wondering; what if the one that got away didn't leave?

    Milano played Kyra, Castle's past love and the bride who stumbled upon her bridesmaid's lifeless body. If that didn't spoil the wedding, surely seeing your old flame after many years of no contact would do the trick. This was actually the first time we saw Castle gaze at a woman, as though she was literally sucking the breath out of him. Besides Beckett of course, he patted his googly eyes towards Kyra with such yearn for 'just one kiss'.

    At least Castle hasn't officially admitted his true feelings for Beckett, but Beckett definitely wore jealousy with such fashion. I liked how she dealt with it; her sensitivity towards Kyra was modest. Had Kyra been the suspect Beckett expressed, she would have surely contained her in interrogation. What I mostly admire about Castle and Beckett's relationship, is their ability to have such a platonic relationship and still give whim to the actual flirtation. I could tell that Beckett truly cares for Castle and vice versa. I sensed the same jealousy within Castle when Beckett's boyfriend came to town. I forgot what exactly happened to him...

    As for the case, I actually began mapping out certain strategies for the culprit behind the murder. At first I imagined that Kyra's fiancee and Sophie had some kind of pact to get some money out of the marriage, but love overcame greed; but I was far off there. Then I came with a theory of the affair and Kyra being the suspect, hence the torn earrings "...and give me my earring back!". The last one came close, but went a little off in the end. The trick I just admire with 'Castle', is the ability for it to have your mind guessing 'who did it' and this time the uncle and the trust-fund was completely unexpected and adequately executed. What kind of Uncle steals your money for a (was it a house in Palm Springs?) , still definitely wasn't going to be my favorite Uncle.

    Case solved, but was the connection between Kyra and Castle (ah Rick *sounds strange*) resolved? Krya gave Beckett the go ahead, as I was certain she felt the connection Beckett had for Castle. I didn't know he had it in him, which is why Beckett felt herself feeling more attracted to him; he actually had a serious relationship in his lifetime and could possibly have it with someone else, maybe her if she ever thought about it. The reason behind Beckett's resistance to admit her feelings for Castle is clear, once you cross that line you don't ever go back, especially since she and commitment are such enemies.

    I liked this one, at one point it felt as though Lanie got too cozy with examining Sophie's lifeless body. I suppose she's seen a lot of weird things within her job criteria. As for Alexis and Martha, they hardly get enough screen time, but I appreciated the little time they had, did Castle figure out how Nikki Heat escapes from the chair?



    Four and a Half Stars

    Grade B+

  • Everyone brings a past to the "table for two"...

    ...but not as spectacularly as Castle!

    As if he and Beckett don't have enough self-imposed obstacles, even if they don't admit it yet, then the next murder case is at Castle's ex's wedding. AND, not only is she his ex...she is "the one that got away".

    Well, actually its still evident to me that Beckett now has that honour, but it remains to be seen as to how long it will be before Castle finds it evident. Looks like he is capable of solving everyone's case but his own...and doesn't that just ring true??!!

    Beckett maintains her composure, though the viewer feels for her, and you can tell she is feeling "it" as well. Nice offering by Stana Katic in this particular story.

    Great to see Ryan and Esposito still figuring prominently in the mix, despite the key focus of the episode. I like these two characters and I hope they continue to bring that undefinable but essential element to the series. Ultimately, I think its a CAST of characters that make a show; not just one or two individuals. These guys add the perfect ingredient to the mix.

    And isn't 'Samantha Micelli' just all grown up??!! She's come a long way since then but it looks like she took the right path. Nice performance by Alyssa Milano tonight, too. She needs another series. Its a waste that she's not headlining something...

    Castle writers continue to bang out really decent cases and the cast of characters continues to make us care...ever so much more deeply! Great job.moreless
  • Casablanca adaption. Castle is "Rick". Alyssa is Ilsa.

    Casablanca adaption.

    Not exactly subtle toward that end:

    "Rick" is blown away by a chance encounter with Ms. "Blaine" - the one that got away.

    "Of all the [weddings] in all the world ..."

    Still, Fillion is actually charming enough to fill Bogart's shoes. He makes giving up the girl (for all the right reasons) look just, well ... cool.

    And watching Kate squirm with outright JEALOUSY is just a kick and a half.

    The murder was a bit obvious.

    That actor gets around ... there's no way he gets a one-liner part. This was an unfortunate tell. :S

    Still, GREAT episode. This show has a lot to offer.moreless
  • A bridesmaid is murdered at a hotel wedding and Kate and boys are called in. The bride is a very special former lover of Rick's. That creates all sorts of problems for Kate and Rick. Everyone seems to recognize Kate and Rick's relationship except them.moreless

    A lot of chemistry floating around in this episode. Alyssa Milano is always good and plays Castle's former lover Kyra. In general my favorite parts of this episode were the parts with Tamala Jones who plays the ME and her concern for how Beckett's doing as she knows the feelings Kate has for Castle. Of course Kate denies it vehemently. Later on at the end when Kyra says, "He's all yours." to Kate as she leaves the station and Kate looks a little surprised then at Castle was great. I also enjoyed the elevator ride with Kyra and Kate as well.

    We all know how Castle feels, but its great to see these episodes where Kate is so obviously flummoxed by what is going on. She is always so cool, calm, and in control, but she definitely was on edge and jealous about what was going on between Castle and Kyra. Luckily they have the type of relationship that is open and honest, for when Castle does something stupid he tells her about it. She seems to have gotten to the point where she accepts his faults. Interesting chemistry second only to Booth and Bones. Especially as nothing really has happened yet. Ryan and Esposito were very good as always. The part where they told Kate about the dedication to Kyra in Rick's second book was good. It seems he only dedicates books to people he really cares a lot about. Wasn't the last book dedicated to Kate?!?

    As far as the actual episode goes, it was good with no real surprises. I would recommend seeing this one as there are a lot of suspects and stories until Beckett and Castle get their heads straight and really go for the kill. Then it's over pretty quickly.

    It just goes to show you how well the writers and actors played their parts and gave the real impression of being terribly distracted by the circumstances. I enjoyed the little bit at the end as well with the bouquet. Corny, but effective.

    An enjoyable episode and a nice return for the second part of the season of Castle. The ratings were really good on this episode and with this quality they should continue to be strong. Next week's episode looks like a barn burner. Can't wait. Thanks for reading...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Det. Kate Beckett has been a bridesmaid six times.

    • In this episode, viewers find out that Kyra Blaine has a book dedication from one of Castle's books titled 'A Rose for Everafter'. She is a woman Castle cares deeply for.

      In the episode 'When the Bough Breaks', Kate Beckett gets a book dedication from Castle's first Nikki Heat book. She also appears to be someone Castle cares deeply for.

      Both of the character's names have the initials 'KB'.

    • (When they are in the lift and Castle tells Beckett how long he & Kyra were together)
      Beckett: I didn't ask. Castle: Yes, you were not asking very loudly.

      In season 1 episode 9 Little Girl Lost, Beckett and Castle shared the same line when Beckett told Castle how long she was with her ex:

      Castle: I didn't ask. Beckett: Yeah, I know. You were not asking very loudly.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Kyra: How long has it been?
      Castle: Too long.
      Kyra: You look exactly the same
      Castle: And you've improved.
      Kyra: You always did know how to turn a phrase.

    • Castle: So, who's the unlucky bride?
      Ryan: Uh, her name is... (looking down at his notes)
      Castle: (recognizing her) Kyra?
      Kyra: Rick? Rick Castle.
      Beckett: You two know each other?
      Castle: That would be an understatement.

    • Castle: Detective Beckett, this is Sheila Blaine, mother of the bride. So I guess I didn't end up homeless or teaching at a third-rate college in New Hampshire after all.
      Sheila: There's still time.
      Castle: I've missed our special talks. Sheila didn't approve of struggling artists. You must like Greg, though. He's from money, right?
      Sheila: It was never about the money, Richard. It was about character. And you would know that if you had any.

    • Castle: You want to take advantage of a guy, knocking him unconscious kind of defeats the purpose. Best way? Just ask.

    • Beckett: When I'm not here do you guys braid each others hair and debate who's the coolest Jonas Brother?
      Esposito: No, but is totally Nick.
      Ryan: Absolutely Nick.

    • Beckett: Anything else?
      Lanie: You tell me.
      Beckett: What?
      Lanie: Don't "what" me. Castle's lost love...
      Beckett: Yeah, what about it?
      Lanie: (amused) Girl, I'm gonna smack you! You work side by side everyday. He writes a sex scene in his book about you that had me reaching for ice water. Now, little miss bride shows up. Don't tell me you're not the least bit jealous.
      Beckett: Oh, please. You've been inhaling too many autopsy fluids. (Beckett begins to leave the room.)
      Lanie: Honey, just because you can't see whats goin' on doesn't mean everyone else doesn't see what's going on!
      Beckett: (from outside the room, in a singsong) Shut up!
      Lanie: (to Sophie, the corpse) Mm-hmm. I see it. You may not, but I do.

    • (watching Alexis duct taping Castle to the chair)
      Martha: Well, hurry taping up your father, don't want to be late. Oh god, I can't believe I just said that.

    • Ryan: Where's Castle?
      Beckett: I don't know. Figured the death of a bridesmaid would be right up his alley.
      Ryan: Heard wedding probably got cold feet?

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Navěky družičkou (Forever a Bridesmaid)

    • Original International Airdate:
      Canada: January 11,2010 on A Channel
      Australia: February 28, 2010 on Channel 7
      Slovakia: November 9, 2010 on JOJ
      Germany: November 26, 2010 on Kabel Eins
      United Kingdom: December 8, 2010 on Alibi
      Finland: January 9, 2011 on Nelonen
      The Netherlands: January 13, 2011 on SBS 6
      Czech Republic: February 16, 2011 on Prima

    • Featured Music:
      "Take A Chance" by The Magic Numbers
      "Love Song" by Golden State


    • Kyra: Of all the murders, in all the cities, at all the weddings, and you walk into mine.

      This is an allusion to one of the most famous lines in Casablanca, "Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine".