Season 5 Episode 8

After Hours

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2012 on ABC
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Castle and Beckett's unsuccessful meet-the-parents dinner leaves them arguing, even as they must head out to recover a murder witness. A surprise attack leaves them and the witness on the run without a phone or a gun. The two must find a way to keep the witness safe, if they don't kill each other first.


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  • After Hours

    Finally, the show breaks the normal trend for a bit and gives us another episode with Castle and Beckett barely avoiding death again. Entertaining from start to finish, and even a good Law and Order twist thrown in there as well.

    Strong episode.
  • Guessing phone passcode to make an emergency call, seriously?

    This episode doesn't really make sense to me. All the chasing and hiding, then got an iPhone, then they can't call 911 because the phone is passcode locked? C'mon, people can make emergency call to 911 without unlocking a smartphone. After "slide to unlock", there is even a button called "emergency call" there and Castle couldn't missed it when he tried to guess the passcode.
  • NIght Watch

    This is another very good episode of the show, The only real problem I have with the episode was I don't feel enough of the New York enviorment was utilized, it would of been fun and funny to of seen Castle and Kate go into a Night Club to hide and use disguises or heck break into a mall and use the enviorment and whatever items are there to protect them. Ok, ok I know unrealistic but still fun idea, but this couldn't of been done due to budget and time so oh well.

    It's pritty much one of those one or few against the world scenarios and I love those scenarios it's fun to think you can survive or even overcome the odds. I really liked the use of the New York suburban enviorment, the quiet, and darkness just giving the sense of isolation.

    Yeah that witness Kate and Castle were protecting was annoying as hell to the point I wanted to yell at him saying "Shut the Frak Up!" but there is a reason for this at the end. But we're not in this episode for that frak head were in it for Castle and Kate and as usual their chemestry is great. I really loved seeing how there was sort of a dynamic on both rational thinking and open minded optimism going on between the two in the sittuation. But also how both are arguing about their issues with the parients and if their right for one another.

    One favorate quote from Castle that made me crack up was this, "Don't worry I saw this in "Macgyver". I thought it was funny because of the fact he was trying to use a scientic method from that show (some of them actually work) but just the simple fact that he is a fan of one of my favorate TV shows which is awesome. Another really funny moment was with the cell phone, when Castle is trying to get help from the proper owner, the owner doesn't comply because she's so wrapped up in her phone stolen. I just thought that was funny because of how pathetic the owner is, she is so rapped up in her phone stolen even though she's inssured and talking on another as well as two way more serious problems like her car broken into and Castle and Kate in an actual life threatening sittuation, that's just sad what's our generation coming to?

    I also liked the subplot with both Margo and Jim, it was just funny how both clashed due to their differences. But it was really touching when they both have a conversation about how they worry about their children risking their lifes everyday; which I feel rings true to how all of us feel if anyone we know is risking their life in the millitary, fire department, or any other dangerous occupation. Both at this moment find a comminality with each other and a bond.

    And there was also a touching moment when Castle gives a speach to Kate about their relationship and why they should stay together. I thought that rang true, yes all significant others do have their differences but also their cominalities, those two things are part of what makes the relationship work; it's also what made both Castle and Kate make it though the night.

  • Murder mystery was missing

    From the point of murder mystery this episode was boring. It kind of had its fun moments and action and twist and Castle/Beckett chemistry but I missed the murder solving process. Most of time it was just run and hide and talk.
  • Fantastic!

    Absolutely Fantastic episode! Saw some great writing with both the case and the relationships. Loved Jim Beckett. Keep it coming people...

    If it would have been possible, would give a rating of 20 :)
Tony Denison

Tony Denison

Michael (Mickey) Dolan

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Patrick Fischler

Patrick Fischler


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Bonita Friedericy

Bonita Friedericy

Sister Mary

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Scott Paulin

Scott Paulin

Jim Beckett

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Castle spends quite a lot of time trying to figure out the passcode for the iPhone Beckett stole from the parked car, so that they can call for backup. Since Castle has an iPhone, he should know that one does not need to unlock the phone to call 911. All cell phones in the United States must have the ability to call 911, whether locked, unlocked or even if a sim card is not installed.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Beckett: That was a personal conversation.
      Leo: About how different you two are, and that worries you, right?
      Beckett: I don't want to have this discussion right now.
      Leo: And those differences that are so charming now, they may end up just pulling you apart.
      Beckett: Who are you, Dr. Phil?
      Leo: No. Just a guy that may die tonight realizing that life's short. Trust me. Living your life for now makes a lot more sense than worrying about the future.

    • Beckett: You said "different worlds".
      Castle: What?
      Beckett: (about their parents) You said that they're from different worlds and that we should just expect it. And then I started thinking about us. You're, like, this world-famous, best-selling author, and I'm just this cop and ... and we're in this relationship which makes absolutely no sense on paper. And sometimes, I just start wondering ... are we just kidding ourselves? What if this bubble bursts? What are we then?
      Castle: Kate, we're not our parents.

    • Beckett: Find some tape?
      Castle: Yes, I did. I also found a box of tools and a broken CB radio. But I think I can get it to work.
      Leo: Great. You have an engineering degree or electronics experience?
      Castle: No, but I've seen every episode of MacGyver.

    • Leo: I'm sorry. Dolan? As in Mickey Dolan, the-the mobster? Oh, God. We're gonna end up floating in the river with cement shoes on.
      Castle: Yes, well, technically, if you have cement shoes, you're not gonna be floating.
      Leo: What?
      Beckett: What?
      Castle: You're right. That's not helping.

    • Martha: Oh, well, I hope you find time to cut loose, Jim, and just do something fun.
      Jim: Oh, of course. I-I try to take in a baseball game every now and again.
      Martha: Ooh, Lord. Baseball. Isn't that dreadfully dull?
      Jim: Well, it requires a certain patience.
      Martha: (chuckles) A certain lack of pulse, you mean.

    • Martha: In celebration of our finally getting together for dinner, I have made a very special dessert.
      Beckett: Martha, that looks incredible.
      Martha: It's to die for, literally. I call it "Death by Chocolate".
      Castle: Now given your baking experience, is that a prediction?
      Martha: (chuckles) A-ha ha ha ha.
      Jim: I take it cooking's not one of your talents, Martha.
      Martha: Well, not really, I sort of save my creative energy to perfect a more worth craft ... acting.

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