Season 5 Episode 8

After Hours

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2012 on ABC

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  • After Hours

    Finally, the show breaks the normal trend for a bit and gives us another episode with Castle and Beckett barely avoiding death again. Entertaining from start to finish, and even a good Law and Order twist thrown in there as well.

    Strong episode.
  • Guessing phone passcode to make an emergency call, seriously?

    This episode doesn't really make sense to me. All the chasing and hiding, then got an iPhone, then they can't call 911 because the phone is passcode locked? C'mon, people can make emergency call to 911 without unlocking a smartphone. After "slide to unlock", there is even a button called "emergency call" there and Castle couldn't missed it when he tried to guess the passcode.
  • Murder mystery was missing

    From the point of murder mystery this episode was boring. It kind of had its fun moments and action and twist and Castle/Beckett chemistry but I missed the murder solving process. Most of time it was just run and hide and talk.
  • Fantastic!

    Absolutely Fantastic episode! Saw some great writing with both the case and the relationships. Loved Jim Beckett. Keep it coming people...

    If it would have been possible, would give a rating of 20 :)
  • After Hours

    After Anatomy of a Murder, this is my favorite episode! Loved when Castle reassured Beckett in the end about their relationship status. It was too cute. I hope Jim and Martha won't become a couple, it would be just too weird, although I was glad to see them makeup. Can't wait for the Christmas special in two weeks.

    Also, I'm overly jealous of Caskett's grandchildren. Helluva stories they got there.
  • After hours

    This episode was great, much better than the previous ones.