Season 3 Episode 7

Almost Famous

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2010 on ABC

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  • A good one.

    What was the point in doing that during the show? I mean you saw Hans, saw the long blonde hair so go backstage. Why ruin everyone's night, possibly hurt someone, interrupt a performance.

    I liked all the different Alias's and possible bad guys. I like episodes like this where the bad guy isn't an obvious choice between 2 people, it's someone you may have seen for all of 1 second or even not at all but maybe heard their name. The lawyer was there for a legit reason and in the background, no reason to really think about him. So I liked it.
  • This was Hard to watch ;)

    So, my title was an innduendo, but I accually Kind of liked this episodes. It's nice to see that man are finally getting to be objectivied in prime time TV.

    Now, my first note is the Jersey Shore shout Out. "I heard from my girlfriend Sammi, who heard from her boyfriend Ronnie who heard from his cousin Pauly..." That's to big of a thing to be on accident, but I found it hysterical.

    The crime was really intresting, and I loved how uncomfortable Castle was in "The Package Store" and how much Beckett seemed to enjoy herself. I thought the girls at the apartment think Castle was a stripper was hysterical, and over all I thought this was a pretty good episode of Castle!
  • "Hans von Manschafft"???

    I don't even know any of these writers, personally or otherwise, but I am in love with all of them! Long may they pen...

    Once again, just classic Castle in so many ways:

    -Strip joints, and Castle being more popular in one than the strippers themselves.

    -Stripper names on totally cliche strippers, that could only work on Castle!

    -Ryan and Esposito even remotely taking sleezey agent's words to heart...

    -Having to cool the strippers down with a fire extinguisher when the power of Beckett's badge doesn't carry the intended weight...

    -Even Alexis' little-white-lying to Martha about the part she (didn't) want...

    ...Seamless tie-ins to an increasingly smart, full blown detective show. Castle is going all grown up on us, but maintaining the child-like ease, honesty and charm. Perfect TV "get-away"...
  • almost famous

    Okay, Castle has now officially hooked me as a viewer. Could I have done without the male strip club? Absolutely, but tonight's episode was highly enjoyable and it moved along at a nice pace. They did not rush through the case, but they also did not put it off for too long and have a billion twists and turns, the kind of mistake that Law and Order: SVU makes on a weekly basis. Castle has a simple formula, but it works. The only scenes I really did not like were the ones with Castle's family. I could do without that part of the show, but even Beckett had me laughing tonight, so I have to say this was a solid ep.
  • interesting twist in story. unexpectedness and entertaining

    This is certainly one of the interesting episodes. The male stripper / face property seller / issue with Grimm's girlfriend / restraining order against Camille / affair with Rebecca. Darek played multiple roles confusing the viewer who could be the real culprit. Surprisingly none of them killed Derek. Story turned with new information in last few minits and directly led to Rebecca's lawyer.

    Episode started showing that Darek heard woman's noices behind the door. He poses himself as real cop with an arrest warrant and knocks the door. Guy behind the door grabs him inside - body found next morning few blocks away. This definitely makes vidwer think towards different angles.

    Castle claiming Kate as his girlfriend in male strip club and mentioning the party girls that he himself was interested in a female detective, wlile Kate not reacting to these statements is the sweet part. Though Castle was shown spending time with his ex-wife in previous episode.

    Martha and Alexis roles are pretty much same as in other episodes. But I again wish there could be something more before episode ends.