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Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 07, 2012 on ABC
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    Castle: So THAT Happened

    I think deep down, in our hearts of hearts, we all knew exactly what was going to happen in Castle's Season 4 finale.

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    Beckett is on the hunt for the man who shot her which puts Castle in a precarious position. Soon everything will be out in the open and nothing will be the same for the 12th Precinct.

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    • Decent

      I liked it, although I admit that I'm getting kinda tired of the subplot regarding Kate's mother. I hope that gets wrapped up soon.
    • What I think...

      I loved this episode, which is unusual because I don't really like episodes about Beckett's mother. It turns Kate into an obsessive lunatic, and it gets old fast. However, I must say that it feels appropriate that she would act that way and rather authentic too. I'm just saying that I don't like it.

      I can understand why Cole, the assassin, didn't kill Beckett when he had the chance. One, he needed the blackmail first, before he killed her otherwise there was the possibility it could have gotten out before he could get there and silence Mr. Voice on the Phone. Second, he could have known that Ryan and backup were on their way, not that it would have stopped him from crunching Beckett"s fingers, but I just wanted to list it as a possibility.

      I would also like to say that the minute and thirty seconds of Castle and Beckett at the end of this episode have sustained me throughout this difficult Castle-less period. Now that it is so close to the season premiere it is doing less and less for me. Actually, it's only making the tension worse, especially this past week. I think if I watch it again I might actually implode, and I can't have that happen because I have waited much to long for this next episode.

      I doubt the rift caused between the team from this episode will last long in the next season, I'm hoping only an episode or two. Especially Ryan and Esposito, those two are too awesome to not be bros. And I hope Beckett is quickly reinstated, otherwise I have no idea where this show is going to go. Except for the conspiracy, or course, but that has to end eventually, right? Please say right, please.

      Last thing, I bet Beckett's hair is going to look amazing. I mean, for showing up rain soaked and the morning after of what I assume was a long night. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on it.moreless
    • Cool!

      I love this show
    • OMG - it's Paul from Dollhouse!

      We just had this ep tonight in the UK. I found it strange to see Tahmoh Penikett as the villain, since his face is indelibly associated in my mind with scifi - Battlestar and Dollhouse - so he knows how to pick a great series!

      My one gripe at a great episode was, if he was going to kill Beckett anyway, why didn't he just tread on her fingers? It makes little sense for him later to say he was going to find this info and then kill Beckett. Anyway, as someone else said, that plotline's getting very tired. Time to put it to sleep in Ep 1 of Series 5.

      No-one has suggested the duo as private eyes for the next series, with Esposito as their gofer and Ryan as their police connection. Could be!moreless
    • The Buffy Vibe

      I think this was the most engaging episode of Castle I had ever seen. I had to check the writers 'cause I thought there may be some Buffy Alumni on staff.

      Did anyone else notice the: "they want a war, we;ll bring em a war." line - straight from Buff season seven? Plus, Beckett got rather Buffy on us with her fighting and vengence and solo super hero stuff.

      TOP STUFF. Am all for it.

      PS - this only aired in Aus on Sunday night, so I know I am behind the eight ball in reviewing...or commenting, really.moreless
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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • The quote on Johanna Beckett's grave reads "vincit omnia veritas" in Latin, which roughly translates to "truth conquers all things".

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Castle: Beckett, what do you want?
        Beckett: You. (she kisses him) I'm so sorry, Castle. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
        Castle: What happened?
        Beckett: He got away, and I didn't care. I almost died, and all I could think about was you. I just want you.

      • Castle: Kate, listen to me...
        Beckett: Listen to you? Why should I listen to you? How I am even supposed to trust anything that you say?
        Castle: How are you... Because of everything we've been through together! Four years, I've been right here. Four years just waiting for you to just open your eyes, to see that I'm right here and that I'm more than a partner. Every morning, I-I bring you a cup of coffee just so I could see a smile on your face because I think you are the most... remarkable... maddening... challenging... frustrating person I have ever met.

      • Beckett: If I care about you? Castle, you cut a deal for my life like I was some kind of a child. My life, mine...
        Castle: You don't get to decide. You keep going with this, they're gonna decide. They're gonna come for you, Kate.
        Beckett: Let them come. They sent Coonan, and he is dead. They sent Lockwood, and he is dead. And I am still here, Castle, and I am ready.
        Castle: Ready for what, to-to die for your cause? This isn't a murder investigation anymore, Kate. They've turned it into a war.
        Beckett: If they want a war, then I will bring them a war, straight to their doorsteps.
        Castle: Well, I guess there's just nothing I can say, is there? Okay, um... Yeah, you're right, Kate, it's your life. You can throw it away if you want, but I'm not gonna stick around and watch you, so this is, uh... over. I'm done.

      • Beckett: Of course you don't understand why she's taking her graduation speech so seriously. You were probably the guy who had nothing on but boxers underneath his gown.
        Castle: That is so insulting. If you must know, I was naked underneath.
        Beckett: Oh, I'm sorry. I stand corrected.

      • Esposito: I'm gonna run this through Army C.I.D. If they met in the military someone in Orlando's old unit might be able to I.D. him.
        Beckett: No, no, we don't know who's involved and we don't know how high this goes. The minute we put this photo out there, these people are gonna know. He's gonna disappear, and we will never see him again. We have to do this one on our own.
        Ryan: Beckett, that's impossible. All we have is a face, no name, no I.D., no way to find this guy.
        Beckett: Then we will find a way to find him. I'm not gonna lose this lead.
        Ryan: How are we supposed to investigate if we can't investigate?
        Esposito: You heard the lady. We find a way.

      • Ryan: Hey, Javier. Man, this just feels wrong. We need to tell Gates.
        Esposito: Why? So she can send Beckett home? You think that's gonna work? You think that's gonna stop her? She's gonna investigate this case, Kevin, whether she's on it or not. The least we can do is make sure that we have her back.

      • Alexis: (about her graduation speech) It's not supposed to be this hard.
        Castle: You know, the most worthwhile things in life are often the most difficult. For example... (His phone starts to ring, he sees Beckett's name) Wow. That really is a smart phone.

      • (Alexis giving her valedictorian commencement speech intertwined and voiced over scenes as Beckett packs up and leaves the station to Beckett sitting on the swing in the rain)
        Alexis: There is a universal truth we all have to face, whether we want to or not – everything eventually ends. Much as I've looked forward to this day, I've always disliked endings. Last day of summer. The final chapter of a great book. Parting ways with a close friend. But endings are inevitable. Leaves fall. You close the book. You say goodbye. Today is one of those days for us. Today we say goodbye to everything that was familiar, everything that was comfortable. We're moving on. But, just because we're leaving, and it hurts, there are some people who are so much a part of us, they'll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground, our North Star, and the small clear voices in our hearts that will be with us, always.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Featured Music:
        "In My Veins " by Andrew Belle

      • Original International Air Dates:
        Canada: May 7, 2012 on CTV
        Australia: July 1, 2012 on Channel 7
        United Kingdom: August 8, 2012 on Alibi/Alibi HD
        Germany: December 7, 2012 on Kabel 1
        Czech Republic: February 13, 2013 on Prima family

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