Season 4 Episode 23


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 07, 2012 on ABC

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  • Decent

    I liked it, although I admit that I'm getting kinda tired of the subplot regarding Kate's mother. I hope that gets wrapped up soon.
  • What I think...

    I loved this episode, which is unusual because I don't really like episodes about Beckett's mother. It turns Kate into an obsessive lunatic, and it gets old fast. However, I must say that it feels appropriate that she would act that way and rather authentic too. I'm just saying that I don't like it.

    I can understand why Cole, the assassin, didn't kill Beckett when he had the chance. One, he needed the blackmail first, before he killed her otherwise there was the possibility it could have gotten out before he could get there and silence Mr. Voice on the Phone. Second, he could have known that Ryan and backup were on their way, not that it would have stopped him from crunching Beckett"s fingers, but I just wanted to list it as a possibility.

    I would also like to say that the minute and thirty seconds of Castle and Beckett at the end of this episode have sustained me throughout this difficult Castle-less period. Now that it is so close to the season premiere it is doing less and less for me. Actually, it's only making the tension worse, especially this past week. I think if I watch it again I might actually implode, and I can't have that happen because I have waited much to long for this next episode.

    I doubt the rift caused between the team from this episode will last long in the next season, I'm hoping only an episode or two. Especially Ryan and Esposito, those two are too awesome to not be bros. And I hope Beckett is quickly reinstated, otherwise I have no idea where this show is going to go. Except for the conspiracy, or course, but that has to end eventually, right? Please say right, please.

    Last thing, I bet Beckett's hair is going to look amazing. I mean, for showing up rain soaked and the morning after of what I assume was a long night. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on it.
  • Cool!

    I love this show
  • OMG - it's Paul from Dollhouse!

    We just had this ep tonight in the UK. I found it strange to see Tahmoh Penikett as the villain, since his face is indelibly associated in my mind with scifi - Battlestar and Dollhouse - so he knows how to pick a great series!

    My one gripe at a great episode was, if he was going to kill Beckett anyway, why didn't he just tread on her fingers? It makes little sense for him later to say he was going to find this info and then kill Beckett. Anyway, as someone else said, that plotline's getting very tired. Time to put it to sleep in Ep 1 of Series 5.

    No-one has suggested the duo as private eyes for the next series, with Esposito as their gofer and Ryan as their police connection. Could be!
  • The Buffy Vibe

    I think this was the most engaging episode of Castle I had ever seen. I had to check the writers 'cause I thought there may be some Buffy Alumni on staff.

    Did anyone else notice the: "they want a war, we;ll bring em a war." line - straight from Buff season seven? Plus, Beckett got rather Buffy on us with her fighting and vengence and solo super hero stuff.

    TOP STUFF. Am all for it.

    PS - this only aired in Aus on Sunday night, so I know I am behind the eight ball in reviewing...or commenting, really.
  • Gettin lucky!!!

    @ thefanof - How can you say that it was a bit forced and unnecessary? We've been building to something like that happening for four seasons!

    Understandably many people are going to be worried about how the finale of season 4 will affect the team dynamic of S5 but from what I've seen over the last four seasons the writers should have no trouble no matter which way the C/B relationship goes. A trully epic season finale!
  • Always

    I liked the fight scene with Stana Katic and Tahmoh Penikett, I liked the speech by Alexis, but I thought Castle and Beckett or Kastle being together at the end was a bit forced and unnecessary. What is the dynamic now? Are they a lovey dubby couple that solves crimes together now?

    It was a good finale, but they need to stop with this elaborate conspiracy against Kate. It is too much for an ABC drama that targets women.
  • Wonderful but Flawed

    I love this show and like a lot of people was waiting eagerly for this episode. And while I enjoyed it immensely because of the ending, I was disturbed by a couple of plot holes and the way Andrew Marlowe wrote Beckett: full of arrogance and hubris and some stupidity. In the scene with Castle in which he's trying to get her to stop, her responses were childish and so arrogant. Kunin was not sent to kill her, she arrested and then had to kill him (with Castle's help) because of a totally different case. Lockwood was not sent to kill her as an assignment but was stopped first when Castle jumped him as he was about to kill her and then by Montgomery. The only assassin who was sent to kill her did manage to shoot her and she survived through sheer luck and medical treatment. To say "bring it on" to Castle when he said this was a war was just stupid. And then she proceeded to get her butt kicked and again survived only through luck and the efforts of Ryan. Speaking of which, if Esposito can't see that Ryan's going to Gates saved Beckett's life, than he doesn't deserve Ryan as a friend or partner. But I love Castle and that last scene between the two leads made up for a lot.
  • FINALE \m/

    Wow what a finale. After watching the finale of season 3, one might think, 'how could this show get any better??' Well the writers did a pretty job of clearing that doubt for most of us. This is a true example of how powerful writing is. It is also great that Beckett and Castle got together, its about time-if you know what I mean?? I hope that the writers will make a good job out of season 5 and not screw it up. May god bless the writers.
  • Loved it

    I thought is was a great episode and I'm wondering what will happen next season. Love them both.
  • awwwww

    finally...! it was about time :)
  • Awesome

    WOW. The perfect send-off for a drama-filling season.... Couldn't have asked for a better finale. Although, it will be interesting how the writers will manage to squeeze their way through season 5 without all the sexual tension between Beckett and Castle. But, when one door closes, another one opens, right? Kudos to the writers for fulfilling what the fans wished for 4 years..... That being said, I do have a downfall for this finale, I personally feel that the writers have been dragging the whole 'Beckett's mum's murder' for far too long. They should try to solve it soon in season 5. Cause, we've got something new now, BECKETT & CASTLE finally TOGETHER!!!!

    All in all, only one word describes this finale, AWESOME.

    As Shakespeare says, All's Well, that End's Well..... :)
  • Amazingly Heart-wrenching Finale

    And what a Finale that was! Honestly, I didn't think the writers could pull it off, but they did and they did it wondrously. And to all those who think that getting together is a huge mistake and will destroy Castle, you need to learn to accept that story is a huge chunk of what Castle is all about. If they never did anything and continued flirting with each other for all the time to come, well, that would just be plain silly. And it's great to see a BSG veteran appearing as the sniper/assassin, he's definitely got the chops to make his role work.

    All in all, great story, amazing acting, awesome speech at the end, and a fantastic way to send this season off.
  • Best episode ever!!!

    Wow, this was a great episode, it had me on the edge of my seat and shed quite a few tears as well....

    This really was the best episode of Castle so far, it had everything, and the end, I was so very upset when he didn't answer his phone, and for her to still show up, I was very glad...and off course the ending....I really wish they would just continue with the next season right now, no waiting for the summer, just keep it coming!!!
  • Three letters: W.O.W.

    I am by no means, A fanboy...In fact, I actually stopped watching Castle, After the first episode of season 4, For obvious reasons.

    I ONLY started watching it again, Because I had nothing else to watch, That I hadnt already watched.

    Suffice it to say, It was well worth watching and suffering - Yes, SUFFERING, Through all the B.S. that Beckett and Castle have had to endure (On BOTH sides) throughout the season. But it has finally come to a head: They have both, At long last, Realised, And made true, Their love for one-another, Even if the words haven't been said.

    This episode, And this episode ALONE, Has reignited my passion for Castle (The series).

    We all know that Beckett will take back her badge, And get her job back, In one way or another - The series will be dead and buried, If Kate doesn't return to being a cop, And Castle as her partner.

    What I am VERY curious about, Is:

    1) How their romance will affect each other's ability to do their jobs.

    2) If, On the off chance, And bizarre twist, That Beckett DOES NOT take her badge back, How will Castle and Beckett be able to fend off the inevitable, That is headed Beckett's way?

    3) Who and/or what, Is going to get rid of this dominating, Irrational and uncomprimising chief?!?

    Because, I mean, Honestly, I've hated her(The chief) from day 1 (I might be a bit biased, Since I even despised her as 'Sherry Palmer' in the series '24'), But, In a precinct, With the main characters who have heart, And understanding, She is rubbish. She has no place there, And NEEDS TO GO....FAST!!

  • disappointing but entertaining

    While this episode was very entertaining i hated one aspect of its writing. For Castle to walk out on the women he claimed to have loved,when she needed him most, when her life was on the line... that says a lot about his character. No matter his opinion... it was her LIFE... to turn ur back on that is unacceptable!
  • At last

    After 4 years of waiting everything come to each place.

    Last scenes of this episode changed everything. Next season will be really exciting!!!
  • courageous !

    Well, well they really did it. resolving the sexual tension. fulfilling the ship. now i'm waiting for the discussion if the show jumped the shark.

    my opinion: too many loose ends.

    i want to know who is behind the murder of Kate's mother.... and if Kate goes back to buisness and how they manage their relationship and and and ....

    the final...very entertaining !
  • amazing

    Oh my god, this episode was so good, Castle and Beckett finally together!!

    I WAS FREAKING OUT WATCHING THE FINAL FEW SCENES! i cannot wait till next season, just like last year this is going to be a LONG summer wait. who knows what drama will happen next year :P
  • OMG!!!!

    this ep was awesome!! i can't believe all the things that happened.... i loved it!!! I was biting my nails through the whole episode. can't wait for season five