Season 4 Episode 23


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 07, 2012 on ABC

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  • Touchdown

    This was something I've been waiting for to happen for a long time, and now it's finally paid off. In a way I can't help but feel the theme of the episode was on change, everything that's happened has created dramtic change. Kate unfortunately has to learn the leason of change the hard way as she is becoming obsessed with the case once more. And we see her decending along with Esposito. Though this the obsession causes both of them to become reckless and incompitant at one point. It's suspensful because as both are getting closer on the case, Kate is in more and more danger and we know this is something despite how good she is she can't win, at least not alone.

    I really liked the amount of concern both Castle and Ryan showed for the issue and rightfully so, both know that whoever is the head honcho is scary big and powerful and also seems to have trained guns at his side that outrank Kate and Esposito. Both Castle and Ryan we see struggle to find alternatives, from Castle trying the downplay tatic and Ryan feeling they should follow procedure but both tactics are to no avil, as both Kate and Esposito spiral down.

    There was also that direct converstaion at Kate's place both Castle and her have. Yeah Kate's anger to Castle on the Deep Throat character is a bit justified but all the same Castle isn't wrong she can't win or survive alone, her loner attitude has been another weakness of hers, she feels she has nothing to lose she has no future. I really loved the amount of emotion Castle showed to her it felt realistic even when he said I love you to her. But Kate is too stuburn to accept the truth and kicks him out of the apartment once he says "We're done." hearing that and seeing that look on his face made me sad because at that moment Kate broke his heart. It made me a little disapointed and sad for Kate, she deserves to be happy but she has to let go, I'm sure that what her mom wanted for her, well that's what I think anyway.

    And there was a profound moment of truth when Kate is in a really bad sittuation, hanging from a ledge, she is thinking of Castle, wants him to save her, she even thinks she hears him. She realizes at that moment she has a future which is with Castle and she want to live for it. But of course her recklessness makes her lose her badge, I liked a little moment where she was looking at the badge and we see her emotion isn't that sad because she realizes there is nothing there for her anymore, and we see she quits.

    And of course the final minutes were just great when we see Kate come to Castle's place, she then admited her feelings toward him back and both then were passionately kissing and were about to make love. I cheared at that moment and the word I can think to say to this is YES! It just felt so right after all of the crap both have been though they deserved each other, where they go from there is up to them. As Alexis stated, when one story ends another begins.
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