Season 1 Episode 6

Always Buy Retail

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • One more great epi from Castle, which is rapidly becoming my late-night favourite treat. Finally, a police show with everything in the right doses.

    The humoristic aspect is tuned up in this epi, as Castle's first ex-wife and Alexis' mother shows up. Meredith is a totally crazy, compulsive shopper/actress who just does what she wants when she wants to. One of those babbling, domineering types of Hollywood girls. Castle has a "sleepover" with her and seems to be having a great time until she announces she's going to permanently move to NY. Castle's expression at that moment, simply priceless.

    The case is about African immigrants in NY and a series of ritualistic, Voudon murders. The settings for the killings revolve around a street of shops run by immigrants, one of which sells imitation designer bags. Meredith proves helpful when she recognizes the imitation and eventually leads the team to the killer.

    Beckett/Castle chemistry keeps evolving, and Beckett seems to hold her own pretty well against his charm, teasing and picking on him every chance she gets. There was a tinge of jealousy there, when she found out he slept with his ex. Also, the secondary characters, the other cops in the team, the Chief and so on, are being given more screen time which is definitely good. Another great one!
  • Very cool Voodoo tale.

    The opening murder scene is different to all the others we've seen before – you actually see the killer.

    When the detectives first met Castle, they complained when Beckett gave them Castle's books to read, now they quote from them!

    Castle is proving to be a natural cop, the research on the Voodoo, his idea about using the champagne bottle to bait the killer was genius. He really is good at this. And he survived his first gunfight.

    Loved the Voodoo story, it's refreshing to see a show portray it accurately instead of as a symbol of evil that is used to kill people. Most practitioners have never hurt anyone in their lives, never mind randomly killing people on a daily basis.

    Meredith is a handful and thank goodness that Alex takes after Castle. Her mother is truly a psycho. Some things are just worth the price and getting rid of Meredith absolutely counts.

    Great episode, exciting, funny, interesting.
  • I really enjoyed this episode. Good to see Castle in his first gunfight. =] (Spoilers)

    I really loved seeing that Castle can handle himself in a gunfight. Although he didn't use a gun, he did a really good job. I think it's funny how he's put into these action situations, and he somehow manages to keep himself alive. I hope Beckett and the other cops let him use a gun in future episodes just in case. I'm still enjoying the moments where Castle bonds with his daughter. I hope to see more father and daughter moments as the series goes on. I also like how Beckett seemed a little jealous that Castle slept with his ex-wife. Hopefully they start caring about each other more and more as the show goes on. Overall, I give this episode, Always Buy Retail, a 9.5 out of 10.
  • Love Castle.

    With every episode and every script I love this show more and more and find it a not miss for my personal viewing. Tonight's case involving what's thought to be a serial murderer using a Voodoo based ritual that brings death. But as Beckett learns, Castle's research actually does have it's uses. But the team realizes quickly that not only are they looking for the who, the why is almost as difficult to find. But ultimately a really bad guy gets caught and a life save. All in a good day's work. Castle, I thought, handled himself pretty well in his first gun battle but needs to work better at surveillance and writing down license plate numbers. I found it amusing to watch reactions to Meredith's return and possible move back to NYC. There is actually someone that makes Castle edgy and jump. It was funny to see.
  • This was shown the 13th instead of the 20th as scheduled. Castle is visited by his first ex-wife and Alexis mother. Beckett, Castle, and the team must solve some ritual Vudon religious murders done for unknown reasons. Castle is in his first gunfight!

    I think they switched airings. This one Episode 7 was tonight on the 13th instead of the 20th and Episode 6 must be airing next week.

    Talk about awkward, Castle sleeps with his first ex-wife and then blurts it out in front of Beckett and the team at the first crime scene. Darby Stanchfield plays Meredith the actress who is Alexis mother and obviously not all grown up yet just like Castle. As Alexis puts it, "It's hard enough to raise one parent".

    The murders were ritual killings done to basically reveal something to the killer so Beckett and the team have to move fast to keep too many people from being killed. Vudon or Voodoo Vudon is a form of religion originally from Africa that is also practiced in Haiti and The Dominican. It's very interesting and generally a peaceful religion, but as is with most religions can have its darker side. Someone is looking for something and killing people and performing rituals with their bodies.

    Beckett and Castle pursue things to Canal street and a vendor of knock off goods. It turns out he is making fake documents to get people in and out of the country and hiding the documents in designer knock off bags. The killer is searching for a passport for his brother that was sold in the lining off one bag before he could retrieve it. Beckett and Castle arrive at the final persons apartment that bought a bag right before the killer and manage to find the passport. The killer engages Beckett in a shootout and when Castle distracts him by uncorking a bottle of champagne that happens to be sitting there Beckett shoots the perpetrator.

    Very interesting episode and the action was good at the end. The scenes with Castles ex were annoying, but that was the point and in the end he manages to get her back out of town saving every ones sanity.

    Hopefully the numbers will hold for tonight's showing and we'll get to see another season of this show. The Unusuals was good, but I don't see a whole lot in the pilots or other premieres that have happened already otherwise that really jump out at you. Maybe Eastwick starring Rebecca Romijn. The numbers should be good enough to save the show if they hold and don't fall father down. This show is definitely the strongest of 2009's premieres on ABC so far.

    Thanks for reading...