Season 1 Episode 6

Always Buy Retail

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • Very cool Voodoo tale.

    The opening murder scene is different to all the others we've seen before – you actually see the killer.

    When the detectives first met Castle, they complained when Beckett gave them Castle's books to read, now they quote from them!

    Castle is proving to be a natural cop, the research on the Voodoo, his idea about using the champagne bottle to bait the killer was genius. He really is good at this. And he survived his first gunfight.

    Loved the Voodoo story, it's refreshing to see a show portray it accurately instead of as a symbol of evil that is used to kill people. Most practitioners have never hurt anyone in their lives, never mind randomly killing people on a daily basis.

    Meredith is a handful and thank goodness that Alex takes after Castle. Her mother is truly a psycho. Some things are just worth the price and getting rid of Meredith absolutely counts.

    Great episode, exciting, funny, interesting.
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