Season 3 Episode 5

Anatomy of a Murder

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with a funeral taking place. The men take the coffin away and a woman's body falls out. Martha and Alexis are looking at nail polish and talk about the fact that Gina is taking them for a Spa Day. Gina in and Alexis tells that they have a lot to talk about including her new boyfriend Ash. She tells that Taylor Swift's "Mine" was playing when they kissed and Castle covers his ears. She tells that Taylor Swift is coming to concert, but the tickets are really expensive. Gina asks if Castle remembers their song and he tells it was ACDC. Castle asks why he can't come and then his phone rings. It is Beckett and Gina tells that he already has plans. Castle arrives on the scene and the victim is Dr. Valerie Monroe, an intern to a medical facility. Lanie tells that she can't see any marks except for one on her neck but can't rule it out until the autopsy is done. Castle tells that the killer was smart because the Jewish tradition needs to get the body in the ground quick and if it wasn't for the trip, they would have never found her. Esposito visits with the funeral home manager and he doesn't know how the body got into the coffin and tells that there was a break in. The cops didn't come because nothing was stolen. At the station, Castle has Monroe's phone and Beckett thinks he is playing. He tells that the last internet search on her phone was for a hotel in New York. Castle gets mail and it is a pair of Taylor Swift tickets. He tells that they are for Alexis and her new boyfriend. Ryan walks up and tells that the funeral break-in story checks out. Castle and Beckett visit Lanie in the autopsy room and she tells that a blunt object hit her head but what really killed her was that an empty syringe was put into her carotid artery. This caused her to have an air embolism. Lanie tells that someone with medical training must have been the killer. Beckett and Castle arrive at the hospital and Castle has it in his mind that based on the medical dramas, there are doctors having sex in a break room. Beckett tells that doesn't happen. They meet with the director of the hospital and he tells that Monroe was in a private room talking to one of the nurses and when they came out, the nurse was shaken up. They are instructed to meet with McClintock and Castle is certain that Nurse McClintock is going to be a hot woman. However, when they meet McClintock, it is a smooth-talking male nurse named Gregg that has a thing for the women doctors. Greg tells that he was no where near the murder scene and that the argument that he had with Monroe was that of the fact that she accused him of flirting with the female residents. He tells that he saw her leaving with a stranger. Castle goes back to the station and Ryan tells that Greg was friendly with all the doctors and bought them nice things, but never slept with any of them. Castle wants to know the purpose of buying girls nice things if you are not sleeping with them. At the same moment Beckett enters and Captain Montgomery tells that Gregg's information about the unknown person was correct and they got a photograph from the security camera. Castle goes home and is about to show Alexis that he got Taylor Swift tickets to her when Alexis tells that Gina gave her front row tickets with backstage access. She leaves and Castle tells Gina that he bought tickets for Alexis. Gina is offended and tells that she wanted to something special for Alexis and that was all, but instead, Castle had to ruin her moment for her and let her be the hero for once. At the station, Montgomery tells Beckett to go home but Esposito enters and tells that Monroe was spending a lot of nights in the hotel room of Cesar Calderon, a known drug lord that has been out of the business for a while. Castle and Beckett go to the hotel room of Cesar Calderon and a man named Manuel answers the door. He tells that no one named Cesar Calderon stays there, but upon hearing that Castle is with Beckett, Cesar invites them in. Beckett tells that at Valerie Monroe has been murdered. He is shocked and tells that he was in his hotel all night long. He tells that his relationship with Monroe was strictly professional and she was his private doctor. They show the picture of the mystery man and Manuel recognizes him as a man that Monroe met with. Beckett and Castle go to the Amelia's Café and they wait around for the mystery man. Beckett asks how the surprise went and Castle tells that Gina bought tickets to Taylor Swift too. Their mystery man shows up and it is Leonard Maloney of the Attorney General's office. He tells that Monroe was working for him as an undercover to investigate misappropriation of funds at the hospital. She uncovered something new and going to meet with him to give it to her. This would explain the search for the hotels in New York. Montgomery wants to know what is in the part of New York that is so important. There is a women's prison there and Beckett gets on phone to get visitor logs. Castle goes home and has invited Gina over to apologize to her about being upset for the tickets. She forgives him and they kiss. At the station the next day, Beckett tells that Gregg was making weekly visits to the women's prison to visit an inmate named Amy Porter. Esposito enters and tells that Amy Porter has just had a stroke and that they are moving her to County, the same hospital Gregg works at. Castle and Beckett rush there and find out that Amy Porter died when she was having an MRI. They ask to see the body and find out that the bodies have been switched and that Gregg planned a prison break. At the station, they tell Montgomery that Gregg was friends with the doctors to be able to get the documentation for the medical treatments to allow for her to escape. The drugs that he smuggled were for her to simulate death and when she was rescued by Gregg, he gave her something that woke her out of the sleep. Castle sees letter written from Gregg to Amy stating their love. Beckett asks where they could go and Castle suggest the place where Amy and Gregg first met. This is at a Burgeropolis restaurant in New Jersey. They are trying to figure out the plan of action to do next when suddenly, Montgomery tells that the troopers who staked out the Burgeropolis caught Amy and Gregg and are bringing them in. Castle is happy because that was his idea. They meet with Gregg again and he tells that he had to release Amy from prison. Beckett tells that they are more interested in the murder of Valerie Monroe. He tells that he didn't kill her and they tell that he had an accomplice that did the job because the talk that they had, was really about the fact that she was onto Gregg and the drugs that he was smuggling into the prison. He tells that was only the time that he moved faster and moved up the date of the prison break. He tells that she was talking about a bracelet that her boyfriend gave her. They tell that Monroe didn't have a bracelet on and Gregg tells that she did when he saw Monroe. They look at the picture of a car that was seen driving by late at night near the scene of the crime and they see that in the crime scene photos, she is not wearing a bracelet but when she met with the U.S. Attorney General, she did. Castle and Beckett recognize the bracelet and go to the hotel of Cesar Calderon again. When they enter, they tell that it is his car and that he killed Monroe because the nylon fibers that were found on Monroe's body match up with the carpet that is inside of Calderon's Coupe de Ville. Cesar tells that he gave Monroe the bracelet and tells that he was in his hotel suite when Monroe was killed. However, he realizes that Manuel was not inside with him and that he gave the keys to him that evening. Manuel admits that he killed Valerie Monroe when he saw that she was working with the Attorney General's office to get to Cesar. He tells that Cesar was blind with love and that he had to do something to protect his brother. He tells that he took the syringe and used his skills that he learned and murdered Dr. Monroe. Castle and Martha are at home when Alexis gets home from the Taylor Swift concert. She says that it was amazing and thanks Castle. She tells that Gina told that the tickets were from both Gina and Castle. Martha tells that it was a nice gesture She tells that it was romantic that Gregg went as far to bust his girlfriend out of prison. She questions Castle and asks if he would break Gina out of prison and tells that is true love there. Beckett and Castle go to Gregg and Amy jail cell and Beckett tells that they re-evaluated her case and there were a lot of holes in it. The Attorney General is confident that she will get released and as for Gregg, he will get probation. They give them some Burgeropolis food as a nice gesture. Esposito tells that what they did and tells that if Castle was ever in prison, he would run away. Beckett walks up and tells that she'd get Castle out.

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