Season 3 Episode 5

Anatomy of a Murder

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2010 on ABC

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  • Castle ... still got it

    I have always thought that TV shows start "okey" in the first season, then after we know the characters very well they get "perfect" and hit the top in the second then the curve starts to go down. NOT here , castle never seems to go down , actually season 3 is getting better every episode .. they are creative , fun and charming .. new well written scripts and stories with adorable characters who we never get bored of. Other similar shows get boring when every episode deems to be an adjusted version of it's older sister but thank to the writers Castle is still all brand new with a lot of action . the side drama is nice too .. Alexis' romance , Beckett's new boyfriend and the tension with Castle coming back this episode makes it all fun even a side from the murders which delightful. I love this show , every single detail about it.
  • "Don't worry, I'll get you out"

    Awwww! That was by far the sweetest ending to an episode of Castle I have ever seen! It was a great overall episode, with the complicated prison break and the crime of passion done by someone I never expected. This was the first episode where I really had no idea who the murderer was until the final reveal and story. But what made the episode was the love story at the end between McClintock and Amy, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and the end when Castle and Beckett got them a new case and the burger, brilliant. There was a great murder, and great development, and definitely some forshadowing, just think of what Castle's mother said at the end.
  • Ahhhh. Beckett would get him out!

    That comment, however unknowingly uttered by Beckett, makes up for her rather uncharacteristic dig at the beginning of the episode, wherein she implied that Castle's work was not as important as her CV surgeon boyfriend's work is.

    Not true. Takes all kinds of jobs to make us a well rounded species. However, I do agree with Beckett that most doctors (and other health care professionals) would rather sleep with someone outside the profession! FINALLY! Someone's writers got that one right!

    But it was a well written tale of misdirection. First it was nurse Greg. Then it was the mystery man who turned out to be with the AG's office. Then it was Nurse Greg again. Then it was the reformed Drug Lord. And then it turned out to be said Drug Lord's jumpy brother...

    The Nurse Greg and his maybe not-so-guilty-girlfriend angle was touching if somewhat of a reach. And nice that their hopefully not last meal together was from "Burgeropolis"...because while it would have been in keeping with the general theme of the show's discourse, to have used "In 'N Out Burger" would have been sooooo inappropriate! ;o}
  • Greg's Anatomy!

    Castle has returned to it's former gloary! I loved this episode like a fat kid loves cake! It was a very interesting murder, with hoop, unexpected twists, and some humor.

    Now, while the case was good it's not the reason I love this episode much, it was just that last part at the end that threw this good episode to the top! First Castle's mom, Martha tells him the breaking someone out of jail is true love, and then Beckett says she would break him out, and then they had a little moment, it was beautiful!

    Castle and Beckett are the first TV couple worth fighting for since Ross and Rachael! They belong together, and they make me smile with every moment they're together! They better end up together, other wise Imma be soooo pissed! ;)
  • anatomy of a murder

    I watched Castle for the first time last week. It was solid, but I decided to give it another shot. The result? Solid again. I think that the show did copy The Mentalist's formula of having a quirky non-cop with a hard-nosed female cop solving crimes together, but the material is still fresh on this show three seasons in whereas it is a little bit played out on that show.

    The plot is also a little easier to follow, as evidenced by tonight's episode, on this ABC show.

    I don't know if you can call me a Castle fan just yet, but I see why people have been fighting to keep this show on the air.
  • A good one.

    I see where both Castle and Gina are coming from... Castle is so used to being the mother and the father and being the best dad, that for someone else to be the favourite even for a minute, would be hard. AND to me, if someone is going to get a present like that, they should ask the rich well connected father to make sure he also isn't going to get tickets. But Gina had good intentions, so I think both were right. Gina should've checked with Castle, but Castle could've had a nicer reaction.

    I kind of feel for Castle sometimes, Kate tends to criticise absolutely every idea he has, the Burger place was kind of a smart idea, even she agrees. But make him feel bad for it originally? I'd get to a point where I'd want to stop having ideas.

    I like Greg and the whole Galaxy of Greg thing. He actually had a really smart plan. I also don't get how Kate can think he has an accomplice, it makes no sense and there's NO evidence of one.

    I don't get why the killer pointed the cops to the agent. You pretty much set yourself up in the end, you didn't know about the hospital so to me that just makes it seem more like it was him.

    I liked the ending, wish we got to see what happened to Amy. Probably found innocent.