Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on ABC

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  • Meatier than your average "Castle"...

    ...but still Castle. A well done duo to solidify this entertaining series as beyond a contender; it's truly a bonafide winner. Without question. This case was meatier, gutsier and the performances from everyone stepped up to a new high. I can't say enough good things about it. I mean, I knew I was watching Castle but it was like Castle on roids! If this particular two-parter had to pee in a bottle it would have tested off the scale! On TV anyway, that's a good thing!

    Castle was still funny, but...deeper. More was at stake and Nathan Fillion proved he can bring it home when he's called upon to do so.

    Beckett's frustration was tangible, and her struggle to keep it in focus was experienced by the viewer too. Everyone was in top form and my kudos to the writers as well as the performers on this one, because, best of all, it took the Castle-Beckett relationship to the next level without having to take it to the next step. There is a distinction, and its a tough one to make. This one did it perfectly. Hope there is a bonus in it for everyone involved because we viewers certainly got ours!
  • A fitting end to a fantastic two-parter.

    That was exactly what I expected, and not in a predictable way. It had all the twists and turns of a classic Castle episode, but it did a fantastic job of showing the value of Beckett and Castle as a team. The serial killer did everything that he intended to do, but he had one weakness, thinking like a writer. This episode wasn't funny as some are, but that didn't matter because it had enough action and suspense to keep me entertained and watching. It was a very well put together episode, one of the best episodes of the season by far.
  • Beckett survives the bombing and now the killer is seriously mad. It turns out he has been blending in at all the scenes and now the team is zeroing in on the fact this isn't his first string of kills. Then Shaw disappears and Heat's got to bring it!

    Some nice scenes with Beckett and Castle in this episode as they get a little domestic at times. Castle gets to play the hero and really show his stripes as a capable partner including using a real gun!!!

    We can all relax as Castle has been renewed now for another season. The two parter really brought the ratings up and this final part is the all time highest rated episode of Castle so far. I think this show might have some staying power long term.

    It was nice to see the home life for Castle stay pretty steady. Mom's not disappearing from the scene and Beckett even stays the night after the big bang that was her apartment.

    The killer turns out to be a really smart guy except he can't keep away from the limelight. In the end it took all of Nikki Heat to take him down. Nikki Heat being the combined talents of Beckett the character and Castle the writer. They do an excellent job of really looking at the story line as if it is being written as well as lived. A nice touch.

    Overall a good follow up to the first part. A little anti-climactic after the explosion ending that half, but pretty well done despite that fact. I'm looking forward to the completion of this season and the next season of Castle. It's a great show! Thanks for reading...
  • Great!!!!

    I loved this episode, it was great. It was sad to see becketts house blow up, but its great that she ended up ok. It was nice of castle to let beckett stay at his house, the food that she was cooking for breakfast looked yummy, i wish i could have some.

    Beckett and Castle kinda has the same types of relationship of booth and bones on bones, i think they are great togeather.It was funny how beckett shut the door on castle when she qwent to go after scott., it looked like it got him right in the nose.
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