Season 3 Episode 9

Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2010 on ABC

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  • Out of This World!


    This is seriously the best, most fantasic episode of Castle I have ever seen, ever! While this episode so a bit out there, it was still amazing! Every second was intence and fasinating, and every commerical break felt like some sort of mini cliff hanger.

    I was beginning to lose a little faith in this show, after a few less then perfect episodes, but I haven't been this hooked to an episode of Castle since "Tick, Tick, Tick..." and "Boom"

    So way to go to the writers and actors for making an episode that's still fasinating even after your 7th time watching!
  • I thought I had already written and submitted this review, and then, poof...

    ...I saw this blinding light and had a sharp pin prick to my neck and review was gone! I don't remember anything after that...

    But like Beckett, I'm persistent, so:

    So what's tonight's lesson boys and girls? Well, the gospel according to Beckett, at least MOST of the episode, is that there are no little green men surreptitiously invading our existence, unless you want to count those green with techno envy and greed.

    As tends to happen, Castle's writer's imagination provides back door entry to the real bad guys, though the arrogance of the "MIB" is pretty bad too, in its own uncomfortable way.

    It was fun to watch the team all go back and forth as those pesky Castle "what-ifs" kept popping up, and Ryan and Espo seemed poised to believe whatever Beckett told them to believe.

    Now that's a woman with extraterrestrial powers...
  • For us, Philes!

    LOVED IT! Okay, I am one of those X Files fans that are absolutelly crazy about the show and I think that this episode was just one big and very sweet homenage to this incredible syfy piece.

    Everything about the episode remembered those that used to watch The X Files about all the amazing aspects of the show. The dialogs inside the car, the cloak and dagger routine throughout the entire episode and if that wasn't enough, we still get to hear Castle whitsling away the theme and a very interesting scene that had every bit of it taken out of the scene from the X Files pilot.

    Incredible job of the writers, Nathan and Stana were more in sinc than ever. Everything just went right for this one, proving that there's still hope for this season that started off with a good kick but started going downhill from the second episode on. Well, just to quote the best show in history: 'maybe there's hope'.
  • LOVED IT!!! All kinda of META-tastic goodness.

    All I can say is... Way to go Captain Tight Pants!! Every time Castle does a call back, fan wank loving nod to Firefly, my heart goes all pitter pat.

    I love this show. The episode was so META. Lance Henriksen, Lyle Lovett, X-Files references galore. It was like a sweet sweet love letter to all genre TV fans.

    I love that Castle courts and woos all us sci-fi geeks. I do not normally like cop shows, but Castle takes this genre to a whole new level of geek lovin' sweetness.

    Nathan will always be my Captain. Stana is welcome aboard the ship any time.
  • A mystery for a space cowboy!

    I love when Fillion tries to slip Firefly memories in there wherever he can. Mandarin's my first language and his accent's actually understandable. Kudos! He's still got it.

    I want to know what they injected into their necks! Don't they want to know if it was a microchip? That's the first thing I would have checked when I got back to the station.

    I feel like this episode wrapped up kind of quickly with an out of the way villain. I prefer the story lines where it was someone we could have figured out along the way like a good mystery novel after all.
  • castle opens an x-file...

    This review is really a Thank You note to Rob Bowman and everyone working on "Castle" for sprinkling some "TXF" magic over this episode. I couldn't stop smiling, it was such a treat! Castle starts whistling the theme at the beginning and the tune doesn't stop: it's there in visuals, lines, atmosphere... If only The Lone Gunmen made their guest appearances...! It felt like those guys were just around the corner, about to walk into the scene. This episode accelerated somewhat sluggish third season of "Castle". The writers sharpened their pencils – the story was just right, the one-liners hit the mark every time, it was witty and funny – a joy to observe. Favorite scene & line: - The truth – the real truth – is out there. - And the car stops ;) Loved it, loved it!