Season 4 Episode 7

Cops & Robbers

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2011 on ABC

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  • Cops and Robbers


    It is difficult to still find originality in bank holdup episodes of primetime dramas these days, but give Castle credit, this is a show that has brought new life to the cop drama and they found a way to do it again with this tired and cliched concept.

    It was a very entertaining show, with a great twist, but both the sudden end to the holdup and the attacker immediately getting caught in Ithaca, both endings were too abrupt for my liking.

    Still, I would be lying if I said I was not on the edge of my seat all show long. Great show.

  • Nice!!!

    I so agree with all below reviews. after a while one of the "original" Castle epizodes. it was so refreshing
  • Castle Original - book your tickets now!


    It's great when a show can go back to its roots AND also draw on the abilities of the shows ensamble at the same time... and movethe plot forward... so... Castle, Bekket and Martha and Alexis all shine...

    The fact that Stana Katic carries her character SO WELL make it beliveable that Castle sees qualities in her that he values and were not presnt in his other relationships. Frankly, Gold Star for an Emmy Awarding performance...

    Could have been a 10 but sometimes those dang writers can't drop the bone on a bad character arc... don't want to hear about Alexis mush when its irrelevant... yes we know Castle is/tries to be an understanding Dad... but the plot device is trite; could have/should have been exercised at the opportunity.

  • Finally, Castle is back!


    Thank god my favourite show is back! I hope for more than one week. This was by far the best episode for weeks if not since the premiere. Great banter between Beckett and the Robber and the Castle and Beckett moments were back to their best. Stana Katic again blowing everyone else away with the best acting on TV at the moment, how is this woman not a major film star yet I don't know. Great to see more work from the mother too, she is fab and Alexis having more to do other than moan about school or her love life, although that came into it at the end...! Really hope they keep to this sort of writing, whether it be the comic timing of Castle which I think has been missing or the Beckett bad ass dialogue that Stana plays so well. This is what I have been missing, hope I am still as excited in a few weeks after the next few eps and then a dreaded hiatus... Just as it improves. Typical!

  • I have to say it was exactly what I was expecting from this episode... There were lots of tense moments between the main characters... especially Castle & Beckett!


    Martha and Alexis were great... not much as we used to see them, so it was refreshing to see a new side of their personalities...

    And those amazing moments between Castle & Beckett starting with the phone call and the playful banter... then we got to see a worried Beckett trying to save her "boyfriend", even risking the whole operation when she showed up as a doctor in order to see Castle and make sure he and his mother (as well as the rest of the group) were OK...

    The script was brilliant and those stares when she finally found Castle and forgot to untie Martha were great!

    It was, without a doubt, one of the best episodes of the season, and that's not simple... this season has been great!

  • Awesome!


    This is one of the best this season. Did not care for last weeks episode but this more than makes up for it. I'm glad we got to see more of Martha as she is one hell of a gal, really funny too.

    Caskett moments of course were great, Castle on his own investigating was fun to watch with all the ideas he was coming up with and how to get info to Kate.

    When the bomb went off my heart was in my throat! And the look on Kates face breaks my heart. The little closeness scene in the vault when Martha had to interrupt was so cute and i loved the ending as well, tres family-esque!!

    Hope next weeks ep is as good as this one!

  • I loved it!


    But then again, I love all Castle episodes. But this one was just..great. So great. Nathan and Stana were beyond amazing. Ryan and Esposito added comic relief to what is essentially an episode inclined towards the serious side ("Help! Police!" Need I saw more?) I think this episode pretty much stood for why Castle is one of my favourite shows. The writers manage to blend everything in together, a few laughs here and there, a bit of seriousness, and Caskett of course...and the mix is always great. What is this episode doing with an 8.5 score? Hello, people? In my opinion? It deserves a full ten. Also, Alexis broke up with Ashley! She's proved once again what a smart girl she is. Even though she tried to lie to herself for a while, she finally came to terms with the truth, the reality of the situation she was in. And all I can say is, boo yah to all those Alexis haters out there.Martha was brilliant. And Beckett. She was so great this episode. After some of her dialogues, I literally had to pause to contain myself because I was pretty much gawking at the screen in awe. Excellent, excellent episode. Hoping there are more like these to come! :)