Season 4 Episode 7

Cops & Robbers

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2011 on ABC

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    It's great when a show can go back to its roots AND also draw on the abilities of the shows ensamble at the same time... and movethe plot forward... so... Castle, Bekket and Martha and Alexis all shine...

    The fact that Stana Katic carries her character SO WELL make it beliveable that Castle sees qualities in her that he values and were not presnt in his other relationships. Frankly, Gold Star for an Emmy Awarding performance...

    Could have been a 10 but sometimes those dang writers can't drop the bone on a bad character arc... don't want to hear about Alexis mush when its irrelevant... yes we know Castle is/tries to be an understanding Dad... but the plot device is trite; could have/should have been exercised at the opportunity.