Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2011 on ABC

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  • One of the funniest castle episode.

    Oh wow I just loved the interaction between Beckett and Castle. It cute and funny especially when they both try to figure out who and how they get handcuffed together in a cellar. And then there's the manly bonding between Esposito and Ryan about how relationships go and using canoeing as an example if they're relationships going smoothly. But there was a freaky part to this episode too. Where Castle and Beckett are trying to piece together their memories and they see this old lady in a cage. I'd have to agree with Castle there, she was freaky!
  • Discovered this show a week ago...watched them all and i am waiting for the new episode! I AM HOOKED.

    This show is amazing, and this episode especially. Usually it is the wit/drama/humour that attracts me to Castle and not the cases. The vast majority of the time i guess the killer because they stick to the same formula (well most of the time), but i still LOVE it. However this episode is different because i did not predict what was going to happen!! I was absolutley laughing at their relationship throughout, they always have amazing chemistry and interactions, but i tell you, my heart was racing!! It was brilliant, just brilliant!
  • One of my very favourite episodes!


    This was so much fun! I loved the interaction between Castle and Becket. It was a splendide idea to handcuff them together in a cellar!

    I loved how all their relationships were examined, Esposito and Ryan were also talking about their girlfriends, it was a good theme. I LOVED that Esposito gave the Canoe Theory. I have been saying this theory after I went on a canoe trip as a blind date last summer. It is very true it is a test of how well you can work together. We were so bad together we scared a cow! Yes, really! we ran onto ground right where a cow was drinking water. And half the time we were going backward down the river. This scene made me so happy, andi loved how it tied in with the very next scene of Castle and Becket trying to work together with the handcuffs.

    And great surprise with the tiger! I did not see that coming. They always find funny things (des choses cocasses...quirky? fanciful?) to make each episode more entertaining. It was very much amusing to see them standing on a vertical freezer with a tiger trying to jump up and get them.

    I didn`t like the new captain before. She is always giving them a bad time. But in this episode we see that she cares about her detectives and she called Castle one of her people. I hope she stays more like this.

  • 'Do you know how high tigers can jump? High!'


    After all the talk and the rumors about this episode, I had my self really pumped to watch it thinking that I would get these amazing Caskett scenes and that I would die a happy woman after the whole thing was over.

    I did get some very good and very funny scenes between our perfect duo, but I thought that the episode left me hanging. The case was good, the 'being cuffed to one another' thing was the high point of everything but still...I thought we would get some deep and meaningful talk about where that relationship is going or they would point out that Beckett indeed remembers everything from the day that she got shot or from what Castle told her. The thing that keeps bugging me about how the writers are portraying the way they are acting around eachother is that there's times when Beckett acts the way she used to back in season one. But I think that's just because of the fac that she remembers Castle admiting his love for her.

    I am enjoying this season very much, though. There's been a couple of really perfect and impressive episodes so far and we're not even halfway throught the season yet, hell, we've just finished the first part before the hiatus. Despite my comment about the writers above, I think they are doing a pretty damn good job this season and kudos for them. Yeah, I know I must totally be contradicting myself by now, but what can I say!? These people destined to be together leave me a little confused by the way they act. :P

  • Best Castle ever?


    Yes, I am willing to go that far, maybe, because this was an incredible episode of television. An edge of your seat premise with Castle and Beckett handcuffed together and locked in a dungeon. Humorous banter, and just great, great drama throughout from the reveal of the killer to the reveal of the tiger in the other room.

    When you spend years building the Castle and Beckett relationship up you can have special episodes like this. It just would not work on a lot of other shows.

    Great, great, episode tonight. It might be the best I have seen.

  • Fun albeit serious.


    Ther very first bit was so cute and so funny at the same time. The one liners both Beckett and Castle had cracked me up. When they were trying to figure out how they got there and you have the scene where they were in the house with the woman really freaked me out and I agreed with Castle when they found the 'instruments' that I thought it was gonna be 'saw style'. Brilliantly shot scene.

    Finding the tiger scene was fabulous. Had some serious in there to balance out the funny. Worked really well in my opinion. When the tiger finally knocks the case over I thought one of them is gonna get seriously hurt here but it worked out in the end.

    Feel for Esposito and Lanie. Really want it to work out for them. Gates again I liked in this ep. I swear my feelings on this woman change dramatically after every ep. Shows that Ryan and Esposito are good cops on their own.

    Great episode, really enjoyed it.

  • Best episode ever? Hardly!


    A very good episode of Castle this week but to be fair, after the travesty foisted on us two weeks ago (Kill Shot), that wouldn't be difficult.

    As to being the best ever? I can think of several episodes over the last three seasons that would get my vote, well ahead of this one.

    This episode has been awaited with huge anticipation, given the "teasers" put out by ABC and although it delivered, it could have done much better for the "Caskett" fans out there.

    ****Here be spoilers****

    When they woke up on the bed, I'm surprised Beckett didn't slap him when Castle made the "stay in bed" comment without so much as knowing WHO he was in bed with.

    Loved the banter between Castle & Beckett. Much better than last episode (mind you, that was easy).

    Loved the Esplanie interaction., with the constant niggling at each other. I presume they WILL get back together at some stage (assuming they haven't already and are just playing a game with their colleagues).

    Thoroughly enjoyed Ryan and Esposito being shown as competent detectives.

    Warmed to Capt. Gates when she strapped on a piece and went into the field to find her detective.

    Annoyed that she still automatically blames Castle for any trouble they seem to get into. How many times does he have to prove himself? Long past time that someone (Beckett) pulls her up for this.

    This apart, I do have a couple of issues with the episode;

    1)why didn't the baddies simply kill the pair of them? They killed the driver, without a qualm, so why not Castle & Beckett.

    2)Why, oh why such surprise (for the watchers, not B & C) that there was a large animal behind the wall? We had a large truck, with a biiiig ventilated box in it and a hank of hair that might or might not have been human.

    It didn't take more than a couple of neurons fired up to make a pretty obvious deduction that something big and nasty was about to show up.

    3)How in Hell did they manage to lift a freezer filled with a ton of assorted metal, that they could barely slide along the floor, onto it's end???? I can suspend disbelief with the best of them but c'mon????

    4)Unresolved Sexual Tension! The (in)famous UST. C'mon writers, for Gods sake get on with it already! You are rapidly heading towards Bones territory here, with the "will they, won't they".

    Bones used to be one of my most enjoyed TV shows but after 6 years of "will they, won't they" I simply lost interest and watch it now because I always have.

    For anyone that thinks a relationship would spoil things, I have one word....."CHUCK".

    Proved without any problems whatsoever that the stars could be in an onscreen relationship and still provide great entertainment and if ever there was a chance for Beckett to open up to Castle, imminent death in the jaws of a very big cat should have been it.

    All in all, a very good episode and I'm now depressed that it'll be a month 'till I get another fix.

  • Two episodes in a row, Castle continues to maintain momentum and pace. Cuffed is an episode I've been dying to watch, simply due to the situation and the Caskett togetherness that surrounds the episode.


    First, I'm going to say this episode, while showing nothing serious, is amazingly hilarious. It reminds of of season 1 and 2 and I really feel it went back to the roots of the show. Cuffed starts out with both Castle and Beckett having no prompt memory of the events that led them to be handcuffed together in a dark, dusty basement. It's the fact that they're both cuffed together that draws in the funny in this episode. Trust me, you'll want popcorn for this. Jokes aside, I actually thought that this episode would lead into a far greater story that would span the season, but, as it turns out, it's just a one-episode thing.

    The acting is superb as usual with the captain still a little unlikable, mainly due to her acting but I'm slowly growing on her as a character, though I still wish they had found someone who would have fared better for the series. The ending of the episode, as always, is classic and suggests the ever-growing relationship between Richard and Kate. All in all, Cuffed is an excellent mid-season finale and I hope future episodes maintain the jokes with a side of seriousness.

  • Loving the feel in this episode, the Caskett banter and Castle innuendos are finally back!!! Please don't go again!


    The episode was great, because it was funny, intriguing and also a little scary which is unlike any Castle really, they usually go intense or dramatic or comedic of course. What I loved most about this ep was the Castle quips, I am so glad to see Nathan pulling off his charming sexual innuendos with Stana and doing them so well. This I feel has been lacking in Nathan this season. Not all his fault I must add, the lines justhaven't beenwritten for him. As a few have already mentioned it brought back that great chemistry and banter from the first couple of seasons. I can only assume its mainly because the writers of this ep was the creator and lead writer and also creator's wife, which means that maybe, just maybe they were answering some fan's cries for the Caskett banter to return? Please make sure you get the other writers to learn a lesson and write at least the leads right for the rest of the season!!??Also the episode brought greatness from the best sidekicks on TV Espo and Ryan, Espo (Jon Huertas) is becoming such the comedic sidekick just from his gestures and stories with Ryan being his ever goofy self.Gates was much better in this ep, finally Penny has found her ground, as she was so good in 24 I was beginning to think she was a one trick pony but this ep proved that maybe again, she just needed the right script to get her groove. Hopefully that will continue throughout from now on.The story was great as it wasn't focused around murder which has beena welcoming treat this season. Withthe robbery ep and now this really being mainly the tracking down of the duo.Loved the surprise of the tiger, although I had my suspicions when the box withhair and breathingholes was found but still didn't know quite what until the reveal.So all in all it was well written andacted and left us with such a classic (and again an earlier season type) ending with Beckett for a change making the flirty remark. Done to perfection by both players.I have to say that the last few episodes, (disregarding the filler ep Heartbreak Hotel) have been superb. Cops and Robbers and Kill Shot were acted so well and more intense episodes which I love but will never fill a season for Castle as they need the lighter side eps too and I think this is where theyhave been lacking a lot this season because they have just not been written well enough, until now with Cuffed.

    Great work Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller, butplease be more involved with the rest of the season and make sure this type of banter and chemistry stays strong for the rest of the season, as unfortunately we all know its impossible for you to write them all!

  • Entrapment


    This is one of those sittuations I've been waiting for in a long time for the two. Actually this is sort of one of those situations we sometimes in our minds daydream about, where we would be trapped in a room or on a desert island with someone we admire.

    Castle and Kate are in that sittuation litterally, can't help but feel fate once again is telling them something. As usual it was funny hearing both of them bantering about their predicament. But I really like how there was kinda a sexual overtone in this episode making it a little erotic. From certain positions they had to take to do something, or even one moment when then had to move the steel box with their legs and they were breathing hard.

    Also I do like the suspense, not just are we hoping that both Castle and Kate will survive the sittuation but were hoping Ryan and Esposito will find them in time. I really like how both these characters for once are taking charge and there is good banter with the two also, it almost felt like these two could of had a show of their own. And in a way there is a bit of a contrast parallel in the love relationship department with both Ryan and Esposito, Ryan is taking the next big step while Esposito is unfortunately at a stand still. Personally I'm hoping Esposito and his significant other (name escapes me sorry) will get back in the game I really do like them as a couple they do have good chemestry (at least I think so) and it was a little sad seeing them in a bit of a bitter dispute, they don't straghten things up both are going to lose. I'm also wondering if one of the realationships will be sigificant for what happens latter like to a possible tragidy or dire sittuation, it just feels like the season is hinting at that. I don't know I'm getting ahead of myself as always we'll have to wait and see.

    Castle and Kate always work well together even tied up.

  • Another great episode.


    For third time in a row, Castle did notdisappoint and its worth the wait. The first 20 minutes threw me back to Castle season 1 and 2 where the one liners and fun banters took the spotlight, plus the fact that it treated us to a lot of Caskett moments and ahh... compromising positions both for Castle and Beckett.

    Nice to see the captain in the field for a change. Esposito and Ryan are great as always.

    Overall, an amazing episode. Can't wait till January 2012.