Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2011 on ABC

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  • Loving the feel in this episode, the Caskett banter and Castle innuendos are finally back!!! Please don't go again!


    The episode was great, because it was funny, intriguing and also a little scary which is unlike any Castle really, they usually go intense or dramatic or comedic of course. What I loved most about this ep was the Castle quips, I am so glad to see Nathan pulling off his charming sexual innuendos with Stana and doing them so well. This I feel has been lacking in Nathan this season. Not all his fault I must add, the lines justhaven't beenwritten for him. As a few have already mentioned it brought back that great chemistry and banter from the first couple of seasons. I can only assume its mainly because the writers of this ep was the creator and lead writer and also creator's wife, which means that maybe, just maybe they were answering some fan's cries for the Caskett banter to return? Please make sure you get the other writers to learn a lesson and write at least the leads right for the rest of the season!!??Also the episode brought greatness from the best sidekicks on TV Espo and Ryan, Espo (Jon Huertas) is becoming such the comedic sidekick just from his gestures and stories with Ryan being his ever goofy self.Gates was much better in this ep, finally Penny has found her ground, as she was so good in 24 I was beginning to think she was a one trick pony but this ep proved that maybe again, she just needed the right script to get her groove. Hopefully that will continue throughout from now on.The story was great as it wasn't focused around murder which has beena welcoming treat this season. Withthe robbery ep and now this really being mainly the tracking down of the duo.Loved the surprise of the tiger, although I had my suspicions when the box withhair and breathingholes was found but still didn't know quite what until the reveal.So all in all it was well written andacted and left us with such a classic (and again an earlier season type) ending with Beckett for a change making the flirty remark. Done to perfection by both players.I have to say that the last few episodes, (disregarding the filler ep Heartbreak Hotel) have been superb. Cops and Robbers and Kill Shot were acted so well and more intense episodes which I love but will never fill a season for Castle as they need the lighter side eps too and I think this is where theyhave been lacking a lot this season because they have just not been written well enough, until now with Cuffed.

    Great work Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller, butplease be more involved with the rest of the season and make sure this type of banter and chemistry stays strong for the rest of the season, as unfortunately we all know its impossible for you to write them all!

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