Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2011 on ABC

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  • One of my very favourite episodes!


    This was so much fun! I loved the interaction between Castle and Becket. It was a splendide idea to handcuff them together in a cellar!

    I loved how all their relationships were examined, Esposito and Ryan were also talking about their girlfriends, it was a good theme. I LOVED that Esposito gave the Canoe Theory. I have been saying this theory after I went on a canoe trip as a blind date last summer. It is very true it is a test of how well you can work together. We were so bad together we scared a cow! Yes, really! we ran onto ground right where a cow was drinking water. And half the time we were going backward down the river. This scene made me so happy, andi loved how it tied in with the very next scene of Castle and Becket trying to work together with the handcuffs.

    And great surprise with the tiger! I did not see that coming. They always find funny things (des choses cocasses...quirky? fanciful?) to make each episode more entertaining. It was very much amusing to see them standing on a vertical freezer with a tiger trying to jump up and get them.

    I didn`t like the new captain before. She is always giving them a bad time. But in this episode we see that she cares about her detectives and she called Castle one of her people. I hope she stays more like this.