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Season 6 Episode 12

Deep Cover

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2014 on ABC
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Episode Summary


The murder investigation of a video store clerk, who's also a high level hacker, leads Beckett and Castle straight to the mysterious Jackson Hunt.

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  • Castles father makes a return

    Castles father makes a return, but when he becomes the main suspect in a murder, Castle must hide his identity from Kate.
  • Deep Cover

    An interesting episode that allowed us to see a different side of Castle. Not the best return of his father, but still a solid show tonight overall.
  • After James Bond & Ethan Hunt, another master spy has captured my heart and he is Jackson Hunt!

    What a great episode! I was wondering if the writers would ever bring Castle's dad back after the Paris incident and voila the master spy gave us an unexpected appearance and boy he stole the show again!!

    The slow bonding between Castle and his dad was fun to watch and his mom finally got closure after a long time (40 years). Beckett's expression when she was let in on the secret was priceless. Castle and Beckett's chemistry was awesome as usual. The glee that Kate showed when Castle informed her of the month of their wedding was nice to watch. :)moreless
  • Love you Jackson

    I really loved this episode!! The bond between Castle and his dad is starting to show. Becketts face when she found everything else was classic. Keep up the great episodes. And bring Alexis back more!!
  • Now THAT was FUN!!!!

    I really enjoyed myself. This episode really demonstrated the great chemistry between Castle and Beckett. They are having fun as well as working together. Castle's father is just as he should be. I wrote a while back about this show reminding me of the "Thin Man" films and this outing just made that more clear to me. After all the work, the last scene at the police station and the final scene at home showed the tightness of the family (even without Alexis). What a fine payoff! I have a feeling that 3XK had better watch out for Jackson Hunt in the future.moreless
James Brolin

James Brolin

Anderson Cross aka Jackson Hunt

Guest Star

Rick Peters

Rick Peters

Tony Blaine

Guest Star

Jeff Austin

Jeff Austin

Mr. Rollins

Guest Star

Maya Stojan

Maya Stojan

Tory Ellis

Recurring Role

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    • Anderson Cross: (laying on Castle's bed as he sews up his wound) Nice to see you again, Kate.
      Martha: Katherine, I wanna say this isn't what it looks like, but it is.

    • Beckett: Were you able to narrow down where Ted was killed?
      Lanie: No, but I did check his stomach contents. And I can tell you this. Approximately 15 minutes before his death, Ted ate clams and funnel cake. Can you believe that? Ugh.
      Beckett: Lanie, you slice open dead people for a living and you're grossed out by that?
      Lanie: Even I have my limits.

    • Beckett: I don't know, Castle. Maybe your mom's right. I think elopement's a great idea. There's no planning, no lists. All we do is we just get married.
      Castle: Beckett, I promise you, there is a perfect date for our perfect wedding, and we will find it. Trust me.
      Beckett: I do.
      Castle: Oh, wedding humor. Nice.

    • Esposito: I don't get it. Why would the killer risk moving the body back here from the crime scene?
      Castle: Sounds like a case of "Weekend at Bernie's" gone wrong. No. No, wait. That would have to mean there's such a thing as a "Weekend at Bernie's" gone right.

    • (Castle and Beckett try to choose the perfect date for their wedding)
      Martha: A little unsolicited advice.
      Castle: Do you give another kind?
      Martha: In life, there is no such thing as a perfect time for anything.
      Castle: I'm sorry, that's advice how?
      Martha: Don't wait! Hell, just go down to city hall right now. You love each other. Stop talking about it. Just do it.
      (Castle and Beckett get caught up in the moment, stare at each other and panic...)
      Castle: We'll find a date.
      Beckett: Let's keep...
      Castle: It's gonna be fine.
      Beckett: ...yeah, looking. Okay.

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