Season 6 Episode 12

Deep Cover

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2014 on ABC



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    • Anderson Cross: (laying on Castle's bed as he sews up his wound) Nice to see you again, Kate.
      Martha: Katherine, I wanna say this isn't what it looks like, but it is.

    • Beckett: Were you able to narrow down where Ted was killed?
      Lanie: No, but I did check his stomach contents. And I can tell you this. Approximately 15 minutes before his death, Ted ate clams and funnel cake. Can you believe that? Ugh.
      Beckett: Lanie, you slice open dead people for a living and you're grossed out by that?
      Lanie: Even I have my limits.

    • Beckett: I don't know, Castle. Maybe your mom's right. I think elopement's a great idea. There's no planning, no lists. All we do is we just get married.
      Castle: Beckett, I promise you, there is a perfect date for our perfect wedding, and we will find it. Trust me.
      Beckett: I do.
      Castle: Oh, wedding humor. Nice.

    • Esposito: I don't get it. Why would the killer risk moving the body back here from the crime scene?
      Castle: Sounds like a case of "Weekend at Bernie's" gone wrong. No. No, wait. That would have to mean there's such a thing as a "Weekend at Bernie's" gone right.

    • (Castle and Beckett try to choose the perfect date for their wedding)
      Martha: A little unsolicited advice.
      Castle: Do you give another kind?
      Martha: In life, there is no such thing as a perfect time for anything.
      Castle: I'm sorry, that's advice how?
      Martha: Don't wait! Hell, just go down to city hall right now. You love each other. Stop talking about it. Just do it.
      (Castle and Beckett get caught up in the moment, stare at each other and panic...)
      Castle: We'll find a date.
      Beckett: Let's keep...
      Castle: It's gonna be fine.
      Beckett: ...yeah, looking. Okay.

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