Season 2 Episode 1

Deep in Death

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on ABC

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  • Very strong beginning to the season, the resolution of the conflict between Castle and Beckett is very well handled.

    Now this episode is a perfect example of why I love this series. Love the new intro, very snazzy.

    The photo shoot is hysterical… and, I suppose, predictable – it was inevitable that Castle would exploit his position for publicity and it does make for great photos!

    I wondered how they'd handle Castle's revelations and the damage to the partnership and I am impressed that they didn't do the obvious and just pick up where they left off. It's far more interesting to see some time later and witness the aftermath and Castle wheedling his way back into Beckett's good graces. The cherry on top is to see the alliances for and against Castle and the reactions when Castle and Beckett start arguing. Particularly when people stand around in groups and watch, snickering!

    The lengths Castle will go to to get back in with Beckett are very informative – if there was any doubt about how much Castle cares about her, they're gone now. Not every guy will volunteer to go undercover in a mob or triad-run poker game! Now, *that's* love!

    Though sending Castle into the poker game at first seems suicidal, it's actually genius – all he has to tell is the truth and he's famous enough that they might be fans.

    Loved how they resolved the conflict with Beckett – understated and eloquent. Love Castle's interactions with his daughter and here she makes him realise that Beckett practically said she wanted an apology.

    The dialogue in this episode is superb and it is hysterical. Add to that a fascinating story and this is playing to all of the series' strengths - a fantastic start to season 2.
  • Season 2 Premiere

    This show is really incredible. I normally don't watch crime dramas even though they are interesting, but I like seralized shows where the storys go on and there isnt just a new case every episode. Castle is a crime drama that is also serialized a little bit. The chemistry betweene Castle and Beckett is amazing. And the writing is amazing. Every murder is great.

    So, in the second season premiere Castle releases a new book based on Beckett. And a guy is murdered thrown off a roof and stuck in a tree. The body is then stolen and operated on, and has drugs taken out of the body. Great premiere.
  • Castle is back to work with Beckett on a case of a murder victim who turns up tangled in tree limbs. The case gets even more interesting when the body is stolen. But unfortunately, that's not Castle's biggest problem...

    Castle's research about the murder of Beckett's mother has damaged his and Beckett's relationship. For Beckett, the new case is going to be their last, for Castle it's his last chance to reconnect with Beckett.

    The season opener's case is more of a piece of cake, but Castle's attempts to reconcile fail. For once, it doesn't work to be his charming self, and in the end he accepts defeat. But it's his daughter Alexis who finally gets him back on track: Alexis's boyfriend troubles open his eyes and he realizes that justifying his past actions won't work, and he returns to Beckett to simply say he's sorry.

    A photo shoot at the police station, a Russian mobster, poker... No doubt, Castle is back. Their new case is not one of the biggest mysteries, though it's a nice surprise when the body is stolen by armed and hooded criminals. As it turns out, the victim worked as a drug mule and died before he delivered the drugs, so the drug dealers have to take the body as soon as the victim is no longer hanging in the tree (Understandable, right?). Unfortunately, he was murdered by the Russian mobster he owed. He would have been able to pay when he had delivered the drugs. Well, that's life I guess. Or bad luck. However, Beckett and Castle catch the culprits.

    And they do it their way. The tension between the main characters is well delivered, there is just enough to flesh out the problem that Castle's curiosity caused, but it's still enjoyable to watch. And lucky for them and for us, Castle figures out how to repair their relationship.

    This was a highly enjoyable episode.
  • This is a highly enjoyable show and I think we're up for a great season!

    Castle is starting again and I'm very glad for that! The season premiere proves the actors are feeling very comfortable in their characters, the chemistry between them has evolved and some of them are given more screen time - for instance Lanie, who is great and should be a more steady member of the team. After all in modern day police shows forensics are just as important to solving the case as field work. Also, Beckett's two partners participated in almost all of the investigations in this epi, which is a plus.

    The Beckett - Castle chemistry has been done much good by the absence, and by the danger of them not speaking to eachother again. Castle needed the help of his daughter to realize not everything is about figuring the other person out, sometimes it's just about respecting their feelings. The final scene where he apologizes to Kate and she calls him back at the last minute was genuinely moving. Though I believe his effort to impress her by entering into the Russian mob's lair earlier certainly played a part in her leniency. Both Fillion and Katic have great style and presence on screen, and with this episode they prove they are the perfect choices for their parts.

    All in all nothing was missing, it was humorous, adventurous and exciting, with not even a second of boredom or indifference. This is a highly enjoyable show and I think we're up for a great season!
  • What's Castle without...

    What's Castle without a headline photo-shoot, a couple of cop models at station center, a drug related body snatching, a meeting with a Russian mobster and a fall out with Kate Beckett.

    Halfway through Castle's snarly comments, Kate's edgy comebacks, 'The Mentalist's' Patrick Jane and Teressa Lisbon came to mind. They have that 'annoying partner that gives good insight' thing going on. The only difference between them, is that Beckett still has a problem accepting Castle as part of the team. More so now he has dreaded up a personal element of her past.

    I don't blame her, it was personal and she trusted Castle to keep it that way. Castle needed to learn boundaries, which was pretty difficult for him being a writer. He did have guts going to Beckett with that information, it could have blown up in his face, he barely got away with just a bruise. It only took his well grown daughter to teach him how to earn forgiveness. That just goes to show that Castle would have another day to partner up with Beckett, probably even pull the rest of her hair out personally.

    Castle also had guts gambling with a Russian mobster. That was careless of the crew to send him in there, couldn't they have gotten someone trained, suppose Beckett wasn't quick enough to pull that switcheroo 'PS I can also be a Russian Showgirl' trick. Castle was well within inches from being killed, maybe it was Beckett's plan all along.

    For the season premiere, it was satisfactory. We still have many doubts about Beckett's closure towards her mother's case and sometimes Castle dives in over his head. He sure has dodged a load some of bullets in his lifetime and that apology seemed sincere enough, but I doubt he would back off on the case Beckett said was closed. It's like saying 'Don't go there' and you still go, the interest is still there and he has a good enough lead.

    I'm sure another photo-shoot would be out of the question for Castle, especially in the station. The most intriguing scene for this episode was when the moving van suddenly got hauled over by a party of body snatching crooks who just wanted their fix harvested in organs. The dead body being transported by the cops didn't even stop them, but that is what that profession does for you, clouds your judgment.

    Lexa Reviews

    Four out of Five Stars

    Grade B+
  • And season 2 kicks off

    something I really liked in this eppisode was the realationship between Castle and Beckit. She was mad at him for doing something she had asked him not to do. He was defending what he had done but not appologizing for it, a lot of people in real life do that. I like how he figured it out from his daughter at the end and how they were able to to mend the damage.

    Now with The crime of the eppisode. I really thought the story was well done. The twist of having the body hi-jacked for the drugs was a good twist that also threw the team into a goose chase.

    good job hope they are all as good... or better
  • Castle is getting the cold shoulder from Kate and Lanie because of his snooping around. Kate has had it to the point that she announces that this their last case together. Castle must figure out a way to get back into her good graces.

    Lots of stuff happening with the season premiere of Castle. We get to see the whole cast in this episode. I liked the larger part for Tamala Jones who plays the ME Lanie Parish. I think this is the most screen time we have seen of her so far. Little Alexis seems to have grown up a little more in the last three months. She definitely looks older. Everyone else seems to be their good ole selves and enjoyable as ever.

    This episode goes right after the current economy and many family situations. A man loses his job and gets desperate. In this case someone really bad takes advantage of his situation and there are unfortunate circumstances.

    Beckett and Castle must deal with drug runners and the Russian Mob in this latest case of murder. Within the framework of the stories Castle really does bring a lot to the table. I think Beckett is worried that he is taking the situation a little for granted. We all wondered what her reaction would be for his good deed. It wasn't positive. Luckily for him he has his daughters insight to lead him through the mine field that is his relationship with Beckett. She seems to have forgiven him in the end. We'll see how long he can behave himself.

    An enjoyable episode with some good action. The dialogue was well done and the acting was good as always. Everyone seems pretty comfortable in their roles. All in all a really good effort. Thanks for reading...
  • Season 2 kicks off with a nice mystery and good deepening of the Castle/Beckett relationship.

    The revealation of the mystery of Beckett's mom Castle found out was nicely done and promises some intrigue down the road. I know she says she doesn't want to look into it but I just don't see Beckett able to fully resist this. Not just because it's her mom but the cop in her can't resist looking into why no one has figured this out before. The tension with her and Castle was nicely paced and great that he finally opens up to apologize to her in the end and she accepts to put the tension behind them.

    For the actual mystery, it was cool with the opening of stealing the body and it flowed well in nice twists and turns. Seeing Beckett go hot to rescue Castle was nice and shows how the series handles the mystery portion as well as the interplay.