Season 2 Episode 1

Deep in Death

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on ABC

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  • This is a highly enjoyable show and I think we're up for a great season!

    Castle is starting again and I'm very glad for that! The season premiere proves the actors are feeling very comfortable in their characters, the chemistry between them has evolved and some of them are given more screen time - for instance Lanie, who is great and should be a more steady member of the team. After all in modern day police shows forensics are just as important to solving the case as field work. Also, Beckett's two partners participated in almost all of the investigations in this epi, which is a plus.

    The Beckett - Castle chemistry has been done much good by the absence, and by the danger of them not speaking to eachother again. Castle needed the help of his daughter to realize not everything is about figuring the other person out, sometimes it's just about respecting their feelings. The final scene where he apologizes to Kate and she calls him back at the last minute was genuinely moving. Though I believe his effort to impress her by entering into the Russian mob's lair earlier certainly played a part in her leniency. Both Fillion and Katic have great style and presence on screen, and with this episode they prove they are the perfect choices for their parts.

    All in all nothing was missing, it was humorous, adventurous and exciting, with not even a second of boredom or indifference. This is a highly enjoyable show and I think we're up for a great season!