Season 2 Episode 1

Deep in Death

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on ABC

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  • Very strong beginning to the season, the resolution of the conflict between Castle and Beckett is very well handled.

    Now this episode is a perfect example of why I love this series. Love the new intro, very snazzy.

    The photo shoot is hysterical… and, I suppose, predictable – it was inevitable that Castle would exploit his position for publicity and it does make for great photos!

    I wondered how they'd handle Castle's revelations and the damage to the partnership and I am impressed that they didn't do the obvious and just pick up where they left off. It's far more interesting to see some time later and witness the aftermath and Castle wheedling his way back into Beckett's good graces. The cherry on top is to see the alliances for and against Castle and the reactions when Castle and Beckett start arguing. Particularly when people stand around in groups and watch, snickering!

    The lengths Castle will go to to get back in with Beckett are very informative – if there was any doubt about how much Castle cares about her, they're gone now. Not every guy will volunteer to go undercover in a mob or triad-run poker game! Now, *that's* love!

    Though sending Castle into the poker game at first seems suicidal, it's actually genius – all he has to tell is the truth and he's famous enough that they might be fans.

    Loved how they resolved the conflict with Beckett – understated and eloquent. Love Castle's interactions with his daughter and here she makes him realise that Beckett practically said she wanted an apology.

    The dialogue in this episode is superb and it is hysterical. Add to that a fascinating story and this is playing to all of the series' strengths - a fantastic start to season 2.