Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2011 on ABC

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  • Another OK episode, writers where are you??


    So by the promo this looked like it was going to be fun and comical but it wasn't really either. Not to say the episode itself wasn't a nice change to go paranormal and not too way out like the super hero one a few weeks back, but it still lacked a lot of good energy. I think the series needs to get back to the fun and light hearted otherwise all the talking can get a bit tiresome.

    The episode had some great sets this week though so props to the art dept. The mix of Ghostbusters theme was great to add and those little sparks were there for Castle and Beckett, well to be honest more Beckett than Castle. Lets hope Castle can show more flirty and charming looks in the next few eps otherwise I will believe he has lost complete interest in Beckett. Shame about Esposito and Lanie as the writers didn't even give them a chance. The actual concept of the murder was great and that has been the case throughout the season, just a shame the inbetween catching the murderer and the murder itself there seems to be too much babble and not enough excitement.

    OK heres to hoping next weeks episode brings excitement as I'm getting a bit bored this season. Bar Rise and last weeks all seemed wasteful and forgettable episodes to me.