Season 2 Episode 21

Den of Thieves

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2010 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a thief. While investigating the murder they learn that Esposito may have a personal connection to the suspect's killer. In the meantime, Robbery Detective Tom Demming is assigned to the case and hits it off with Beckett, making it hard for Castle to work together on the case.


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  • Average

    The episode boasts of nice character developments but a mediocre, if not boring murder case.
  • Ok episode with humor but lacking of a good crime story. Spoiler inside!

    This is a good episode, but with a weak crime story so it isn't that greatest of Castle episodes.

    The crime story in this one way too obvious, I could said worst one in Castle(so far). It had been use in way too many cop shows. The police police, Duh!

    This episode is save by good relationsship between characters. The new "boy toy" is good. In many way he is what Castle is not. Ofc even with knowleage that it well end, still we feel the threat(to castle Beckett relationship) coming from this charismatic guy.

    Also because this story is concentrated other then Beckett or Castle, which is actually a good thing. It give more background and character to the "sidekick". It was a nice moment when he introduce his three partners to each other.moreless
  • I knew it was a cop...

    ...but I admit I thought it was Demming. His teeth were too perfect! And his being a bad guy would have solved the relationshipus interruptus thing...

    ...However, I like him. Unlike the old boyfriend cop who showed up before, Demming is likable, professional, can fight like a trooper, AND, he has perfect teeth!

    Great to have an Esposito-heavy episode too because it always helps to get more background on all the characters. This one showed he's a stand up guy, and now he's a stand up guy with three partners.

    I did feel sorry for Castle who "isn't used to losing", but he will be taking a back seat for a while it seems; at least where Beckett is concerned. Should be fun...unless you're Castle of course.

    Maybe he should start rewriting the ending to this bit...moreless

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