Season 4 Episode 12

Dial M for Mayor

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

A woman's body is found in a car in an alley. Her purse was found in the dumpster nearby. Whoever had killed Laura Cambridge had left the money but taken her cell phone. The team runs the license plates and they learn that the car had come from one of the fleet at City Hall and the last person to use that car was Mayor Robert Weldon, Castle's good friend. The mayor tells the team that he doesn't recognize the woman and lets them know that the car had been stolen from the fundraiser. He's worried about how this may affect his plan to run for governor. Castle and Beckett meet with Brian Shay and Jordan Norris – the Chief of Staff and Deputy Assistant to the mayor. Shay tells them that they plan to do whatever it takes to ensure the mayor's safety.

The victim was working as a literature professor until she had cut off ties to her old life six months ago. Her landlord saw a tall Caucasian man leave Laura's apartment the night that she was killed. Her sister tells the team that Laura had been in trouble with something that had happened at her job. After more digging, Beckett and Castle learn that Laura had been working as a phone six operator for Dial-A-Goddess for the last six months. They speak with the manager of Dial-A-Goddess who tells them that Laura was one of the most popular employees at the company. The call dispatcher tells Castle and Beckett that Laura had asked for a client's contact information – Edgar Navarro. She needed Edgar's help to copy digital recordings. Laura had heard something bad during a call. A man posing as someone working with the gas company comes to her apartment and steals the hard drive with the recordings.

It turns out that Laura had gone off the grid to work on a book she was writing about living below the poverty line. Her publishing agent tells the team that Laura had come across scandalous information involving a prominent New Yorker – Mayor Weldon. Castle asks Beckett to keep this information from Gates for now but she has no choice. If the mayor is brought down in this case, Beckett knows that Gates will get rid of Castle. Gates says the situation is manageable if Weldon will voluntarily give up his jacket – the fibers of which match the killers – up for testing. Weldon refuses to do this and is convinced he is being set up as part of a conspiracy theory. Castle's mystery man who had once told him that Beckett would be safe so long as she stayed away from her mother's case returns to tell Castle that the mayor is not wrong about the conspiracy theory. He urges Castle to listen to the evidence.

Castle returns with Beckett to Dial-A-Goddess and asks for the tapes. They recognize one of the voices which belongs to Jordan Norris The Chief of Staff's Deputy Assistant. Jordan had drunkenly confessed the embezzling scheme to Laura one night. Jordan is about to give up the information about the murderer until an attorney comes into the room and stops the questioning. Mayor Weldon tells Castle that his dreams of becoming governor are basically gone.