Season 4 Episode 12

Dial M for Mayor

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2012 on ABC

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  • Surprised and Intrigued

    The episode really didn't have much hype to it, but I personally like it better that way. That way, we don't come in with high expectations and concoct our own hopes and wishes for the episode... which is why this episode caught us off guard! We all knew the Castle/Beckett partnership at the precinct would be in danger if Mayor Wheldon was no longer mayor, but little did we know that the whole conspiracy tied to Beckett's mother's murder would be connected to this week's murder investigation. Castle is a perfectly placed pawn, possibly more powerful than the king?

    This mysterious man contacting Castle whenever necessary creates such a subtle, suspenseful feel to the show, thus creating a deeper story-line that we can't wait to see unfold. We need answers!

    Castle/Beckett relationship has blossomed in so many levels! And the way Castle was just looking at Beckett from afar holding their coffees, surely pondering the few worms loosened from the can, portrayed so much angst, fear, care and love... how stressful it must be for Castle. And Beckett doing as much as she can to avoid hurting Castle by publicizing the Mayor as a suspect must have been so difficult.

    A lot more can be said, but all in all, a solid (pleasantly surprising) episode!
  • Beckett the hypocrite?

    Before I get to an explanation of my title comment, I'd like to say that I thought this was an excellent episode of Castle and agree wholeheartedly with the fanoff, Re. comic asides etc. Not often I say that!

    However, while I thought this was a great episode, I still feel the writers are treating their core audience like idiots, in that they should SURELY know that anyone that rviews episodes on a forum like this will ABSOLUTELY remember back episodes and story arcs!

    ***Spoiler alert***

    How can it be that Detective Beckett can accuse Castle of bias and an inability to be "objective" but not remember how she was, Re. her mother's case and how manic she was when she was taken off chasing a suspect connected with it? Touch of "Pot, Kettle & Black" comes to mind, methinks!

    On the plus side, however, is that she went along with Castle about not dropping the Mayor in the crap untill she had interviewed him, especially after being proved correct in a previous case about one of Castle's friends.

    What also didn't gel for me was that although Castle went with Beckett to see the Mayor, he tried nothing to really convince him to give up the evidence willingly. His comment about Beckett being the "best" should have been followed up by a more convincing argument from him, after the Mayor refused her request, to the effect that Beckett had backed him up by not getting an immediate warrant for the evidence. I felt that, as one of Castle's poker group, his opinion should have carried more weight with the Mayor.

    On the subject of warrants, Gates went up in my estimation again in her commendation of the Police force in general and her viewpoint that they should do their job, whether or not it causes controversy.

    Unfortunately, I still can't get my head round her NOT getting Castle's worth to Beckett in solving cases and seeing him as a valuable member of the team.

    I really do hope the writers start paying attention to the core fan base and how they would like to see the show progressing but somehow I doubt it.
  • Dial M For Mayor

    This episode started off similar to your usual Castle, they had a murder, a crazy suspect at a phone sex line, but then it got too political with the potential of ruining the Mayor's career aspirations. It turned into a crossover between Castle and Law and Order: SVU, and the forced "disagreement" between Rick and Kate as to how to pursue him seemed oddly out of place.

    Tonight's Castle was well-written, with some nice side gags including the King Lear production at home, but not one of this season's best.
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