Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 2013 on ABC

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  • U got 12 hours 2 live. OK bye.

    Kate seemed strangely unconcerned that her future husband had less than 12 hours to live, slightly miffed maybe, but no where near devastated.
  • Dreamworld

    Great follow up to the season premiere last week. They had another intense storyline, and while I complained about it last week where they get in these crazy situations too much, I didn't mind it that much.

    Fun, easy to follow, action-packed. This is what Castle is all about.
  • A Satisfying Conclusion To Last Week's Episode *Beware of Spoilers*

    Obviously Castle wasn't going to die but the writers and actors did a good job of portraying the situation. Castle's phone call with his family was saddening to watch but I'm glad they could be with him at the end too. And Pi came along too, I'm still not sure what to think of him.

    The storyline was good. I did not see the fiance thing coming, but it did parallel what was happening with Castle and Beckett which was a nice touch . Kudos to the casting people for the show for getting Glenn Morshower to play the Secretary of Defense.

    I can already see the beginning of the end for Beckett's career in . The last scene of the episode with Beckett and McCord showed this very well. It reminded me of a scene from an earlier episode of the show with Captain Montgomery and his District Attorney friend. The . mentioned how cops live in a world of black & white but in politics it's grey. I don't see Beckett coping with the reality of that very well and therefore going back to the place where she fits in best. Plus, she'll be able to work with Castle again.
  • He's Aliiiiive

    next week is end of the 3-epi Lisa E story arc; then it'll be back to NYC for Caskett. back where they belong
  • Solid Episode

    As I said above, solid episode. Despite obviously knowing that there is no way Castle would die, the acting had be believing that it was a possibility, even if only briefly. The storyline is looking great, although I think Beckett might be going back to her old job sooner that expected. Seems she has some morality issues with her new job. Honestly, I don't care where that go or what they do, Castle and Beckett together are amazing regardless of circumstances. To those who think a change of scenery is ruining the show, you clearly have to depth of the characters nor do you appreciate them. This show is amazing because of it's characters, not their geographical location or current job. Love it! As big a fan as ever :D