Season 4 Episode 5

Eye of the Beholder

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 on ABC

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  • Something missing....


    This episode was fun and was a better version of a late season 2 ep when Castle got with a girl and it all seemed to be going well then she was suddenly a suspect then of course shewasn't. The writing this season is lacking some sort of swagger or wit that although is still entertaining is missing something. I really hope the show doesn't start getting too serious to aim for emmys etc, when the writers and creator has always said they are doing this for the fans now as we are the ones keeping the show on the air not the network. I hope they remember that... I realise this is not a serious episode by the previouscouple have been too dark for Castle andalthough I still liked thisepisode and the Caskett relationship written scenes something seems to be missing between them. I have to say I think it may be Nathan's quirky wit and charm that seems to have diminished and is not as present as it usually is. Stana of course is still blowing it out of the water every week with ease, but I'm afraid even someone of her talent may find it difficult to have chemistry with Nathan soon, he just doesn't seem as interested maybe or making as much of an effort?? Maybe he has had enough? Not sure, but someone needs to give him a nudge and get him looking after himself and get his spark back, cause at the minute Jon and Seamus are stealing his reign as the man we wanna see on screen to swoon over...

  • Castle is a great series.


    It's clever and witty. Both protagonist have good chemistry and many times is really funny to watch. The plot's progress is slow but nice with street smart as well as book smart lines. Will definitely tune in for next week's episode.

    In this episode, a wealthy museum patron becomes a suspect when a valuable sculpture is stolen. Castle and Beckett investigate the theft with the help of an insurance investigator who has her eyes on Castle.

  • eye of the beholder


    "Eye of the Beholder" was a bit different than most episodes of Castle, and they really tried some new things, which frankly was a refreshing break from a show that has gotten a bit tired as of late. They tackled a lot of issues, they had a nice balance with Castle possibly being used, then using someone else, it is hard to put my finger on it but I just found tonight's episode a little bit "zippier" and that might be why I liked it more.