Season 1 Episode 1

Flowers for Your Grave

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on ABC

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  • Premise is a little unbelievable, but the show seems like it will be entertaining

    First of all, I LOVE Nathan Fillion. He's a wonderful actor, who is also sexy and charismatic. It's because of him that I've been meaning to catch the show, and now I've finally started watching it on DVD. My first impression of his character is somewhat less than favorable, because he is such an egoist and a bit of a jerk, but I can tell that his character will grow on me. I also felt slightly turned off by Kate Beckett, because she seemed a little too rigid to me, but I warmed up to her when she flirted back at Rick and whispered "You have no idea" in his ear. That was a priceless moment.

    I can tell already that my problem with this show is going to be how well can I suspend my disbelief. The whole premise, while it makes for fun tv, would not ever happen in real life. That said, this pilot was really entertaining and I'm hoping it only gets better from here!
  • Sexy, sassy and funny. Loved it.

    I'm a huge fan of Nathan Fillion and crime novels so this was immediately on my list to watch. Funny, smart, great dialogue, nice soundtrack combined with Nathan's charm, an automatic winner.

    Also loved Rick's family, particularly the relationship with his daughter, very well written and played with believable charm by both actors. The mother is a delight as well.

    What I find strange is the killer didn't know who Castle was yet knew enough of the book's murder scenes to stage them pretty well. How could he not recognize Castle at all?

    Don't know how long the series will last, it's not the most original of ideas, it's relying more on charm and chemistry but I like it. Nathan seems to be unfortunate in not finding series that have a long shelf life, it's a real shame, he's a great actor.
  • Yay, Nathan! Boo, Patterson!

    I'm started out unconvinced. I mean, I had a lot of enthusiasm for this show. I love Nathan, and his chemistry with Becket is reasonably sound from the get-go. ("Cops Gone Wild" is hilarious, and his delivery is perfect)

    But my souffle fell when I saw James Patterson in the opening credits (bastage actually wrote himself into the show?!). Patterson actively sucks, I've never seen a character from him with any depth or dimension at all, and Becket's snarky dismissive attitude, I'm not buying it. She owns all of his first editions? She begins a homicide investigation by having her team read them? Surely there are capably literate officers on leave you can assign that to while the detectives, y'know, detect (that and in theory, she's already read them). That and Fangrrl wouldn't take a tone with him ... she'd whip out a boob for him to sign.

    And oh, the storyline potential for his publisher to be his ex-wife, and for his oversexed mother to be living at his place, and what actual father wouldn't be thrilled stupid that his beautiful teenage daughter was doing homework at a premiere party (oh hell, even most Harry Potter premieres are damp children and librarians huddled in a parking lot) instead of carousing with some random drunken boy she found? "Here's some smack, sweetie, go get daddy on some tabloids."

    To be fair, this was my reaction after the first 12 minutes (tho to be even more fair, Becket's "profile," delivered in less time than this, made the splashy killer at low intelligence, and what the hell was she basing that on?).

    In sitting through the back 30, Nathan ultimately carries it. Even with Becket's initial profile being dead wrong (Castle's magical "author powers" profiled her better than she did the murderer), even with Castle's magical eyes that allow him to see the mouths of victims who are facing away from him and his magical brain that knows the petal forms of the world's vast array of roses and there being no actual reason for the perp to have focused on Castle (except the monomania of the kid he was framing -- good thing it was murder mysteries and not ant farms or weather patterns), the show is helped a huge amount by Captain Hammer and his chemistry with Bones.

    It'd be nice, of course, if the literary refs were accurate. When Mom said it was like "Mousetrap" (author Agatha Christie) I'd actually already determined it was much more like the "ABC Murders" (also by Agatha Christie), in which a weak-minded man was framed for a series of murders by a killer who nested a specific target among a batch of red herrings. Poirot figured that one out by "E" or so.

    Becket is a puzzle. She's defiant in one scene and vulnerable in the next, while getting little in the way of support. Also, it'd be nice if her boss were a police officer and not some lovestruck fanboi (Oh, Mr. Castle, you're some sort of author writing some sort of novel -- pardon the drool, the mayor's such a fan -- let me set up a private office for you in my police station so as you can peer at my homicide division, involve yourself however you like and while I'm at it, may I interest you in a latte and your new confidential secretary Miss Funzee).

    And when was the last time an elbow connecting with a jaw sounded like a gong?

    All that being said, I enjoyed Nathan giving his safe-word when Becket had his nose in her fist ("Apples! Apples! Apples!"), and the balletics involved with him grabbing the key with his foot (although honestly, how improbably far did that thing bounce?) I didn't understand why he didn't slip his shoe back on or why, if forced to throw it away, he didn't throw it at the guy he was chasing. If he missed he wouldn't be out anything, and it could've set up a lovely "Austin Powers" reference (Ow! That's gonna leave a mark! Who throws a shoe?)

    It's got some potential, and I like it a lot more than I liked Patterson's bleak "Women's Murder Club." Nathan does insouciant very well and Becket will have plenty to play off of. As situations go it's not even a little bit credible, but it could be fun, so I'll give it a shot. :P
  • Fillion is a God. Shame about the rest of the cast.

    To summarise the rant that will inevitably follow:

    Fillion is a gorgeous acting God sent to us magnanimously from above. The rest of the cast simply don't convince me of anything apart from the fact that woodland cannot express itself. The premise of the show is fresh, and will need sharper writing to keep it viable.

    Nathan Fillion: Ok - so I am a firefly fan. But this man can act, and he has hit the jackpot once again in his portreyal as a charming, disarming and adolesent spoilt writer.

    Cast: Despite the eye candy, no one apart from his ex wife really owned their roles. Even the daughter-mother comedy duo was unlovable and unhilarious. The partner had less emotional range than a leaking teaspoon. Don't even get me started on her "colleagues".

    Script: Sharp, but poorly delivered by an astonishingly bad cast. Relieved to see that the series will not follow just one serial killer, as I feared. Some vivid murder scenes, but nothing on the surreal nature of Life or the lollipop insanity of pushing dasies.

    I am glad to have Fillion back. If only the support cast makes like yeast and rises to the occasion.
  • Book 'em!

    This Nathan Fillion driven vehicle gets off to a breathless, flashy start, with some top-notch performances, a witty script, and just an all-round solid production. It would seem this show was made solely on the basis of Nathan's contagious charisma, as his character, Rick Castle, is only but a southern accent away from Malcolm Reynolds (of Firefly). I was reluctant when this show originally aired to give it a whirl, because, uhm, Whedon alumni sorta have a tendency to sign onto shows that barely make it past the first season. (Which has nothing to do with the quality of the series, but more so due to the PTB, and their monetary concerns). I really enjoyed this pilot. I liked how every character seemed almost Gilmore Girls witty, yet they all had a voice of their own, and the chemistry between the cast is already electric. More, please!
  • Good, but the acting and chemistry isn't nearly as tight as it is in later episodes. Yet you still see all the elements tht mke this show so unique.

    I've watched Castle ever since its second season, and I recently got the first season on dvd. I've watched the first seaspn episodes multiple times, but every time I watch this one, I think "Something's missing." The clever quips, the unusual murders, the twists, they're all there, but the acting doesn't quite gel. Stana is awesome in the role, but she seems awkward in this episode,like she doesn't quite "get" the character. The relationship between Castle and Alexis is little heavy handed. Martha seems a bit overblown and unreal in this episode. But I still love the opening dialogue between Gina and Rick, and the ending really sets up everything well. It's obvious still exactly what the show was going for from the beginning, sort of 1930s rom-com mixed with a old-fashioned cluedo police procedural. Not too serious, not too light, just a jovial time to sit back and watch some well-written, well-acted television.
  • Flowers for Your Grave was an excellent pilot episode to a show that will most likely be Superb. =]

    This Pilot episode was funny, action packed, and had great acting by Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, who interact very well with each other. Flowers for Your Grave had a good mix of comedy and action that makes this show original and exciting. I am looking forward to learning more about both of the main characters, and I am personally hoping that they end up becoming romantically involved. With a great start like this, I'm sure series will just continue to get better and better as more episodes air. Overall I give this episode, Flowers for Your Grave, a very well earned 9.5 out of 10.
  • A great pilot for a good show.

    It starts with an amazing opening, both the set up of a murder victim and an appearance of the author Richard Castle whose book was an inspiration to the killer. That was a nice introduction to the show because we get to meet the lead characters on different situations and then from now on, because of the case, we'll be seeing them together for a while. Their relationship was very good because it has that duality between the fan-cop and then the author used to being the center of atention which perfectly balances throughout the case and at the end helps it on it's resolution. Although it seems another criminal show it has a better angle because he as an author explains motive and gives a literary setup for the criminal part of it, which is really entertaining. The ending was genius I was wondering how was he going to be on the department with Beckett but it made perfect sense and at the end another good thing was that he was able to write again.
  • Smart, fast, funny.. I loved it.

    Loved it. Castle requires active listening. The lines are flying fast and free so you have to pay attention.

    Nathan Fillion is type cast as the quick with a quip murder mystery writer. Those fans of Nathan from his Firefly/Serenity days will recognize all the "Captain Tight Pants" traits. In fact, Castle would be right at home on Serenity.

    Beckett is a wonderful all business counterpoint to Castle. Their interplay should lead to many fun episodes.

    This show has so many inside jokes. You not only have to listen carefully, you have to watch everything going on. The poker game with Stephen J. Cannell was a wonderful tribute to his many private eye shows from the 70's and 80's. Then at the end, the scene with Rick at his typewriter was a direct lift from the credit scene from the SJ Cannell shows.

    I hope this show develops a good audience. So far ABC has been smart about marketing and placement of the show. Still, networks sometimes do stupid things (Fox).
  • Great protagonists and performers ; original relationship between writing and investigation ; high-end production

    Until a few days ago I never really paid attention to Castle. In fact I decided to watch this episode after reading an article about its second season. I thought if a show was renewed it's because it was a good one. And it seems I was right because I really enjoyed it. First Richard Castle is a character you can easily relate to because becoming a writer is a common fantasy. He's a playboy but has a heart and is really funny. Moreover his mother and daughter really contributed to make him a more believable character. I instantly liked him and Nathan Fillion's performance was just perfect. Second Kate Beckett is definitely not the usual female sidekick. Stana Katic shares the screen with Fillion and doesn't work in his shadow like some female detectives in other shows, Life for example. Of course at first she just looks like an other babe but then you begin to understand that she's very smart, takes her job seriously and has her own story. Some scenes with Nathan really helped these characters to quickly grow on us and revealed how humans they're. You can also feel how great the chemistry is between the performers and that they really enjoy what they're doing. Moreover like if it wasn't enough the story itself is fascinating. It's definitely not just an other police story. The writers managed to brilliantly merge two worlds, fiction and reality. Castle is inspired by Beckett's work and in return she seems quite fascinated by the mind behind the novels. So they really mirror each other and reminded me of cult duos like Mulder and Scully in The X-Files.

    So overall it was a really pleasant and unexpected surprise. The direction was also flawless and the ambiance was quite similar to the episode Ummey's Last Case from Nightmares & Dreamscapes, a show adapted from Stephen King's short stories. But the only problem is that once you've watched this episode you'll sure ask for more and as the first season only has ten, waiting september for the second to air seems just too far away.
  • quality of pilot bodes well for the series

    I loved Nathan fillion in Firefly and to a certain extent in Desperate Housewives, and now here is in another role that may put him in his best light yet. He really plays this well - I believe him as a famous author. The chemistry between his character Richard Castle and the cop he teams up with (Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic)) is really well constructed. She is attracted, but wisely cautious of getting involved with him romantically. He's attracted, but he also seems to be happy to annoy her at frequent intervals and is equally interested in getting inspiration for his crime writing through an opportunistic arrangement to shadow her on the job for the foreseeable future (much to her consternation). The murder plot was fairly clever. it will be interesting to see if the quality holds up.
  • Nice start!

    I like Nathan F. :-) Liked him in Firefly, in Buffy, in Two Guys a Girl. and of course, Firefly! I had good expectations. I was wondering how they will smooth in a writer into cop and investigations but I was taken by surprise. Nathan aka Castle is a good choice. :-)) He is smart, funny and cheeky! Definitely cheeky. And his interaction with Detective Becket and chemistry between them is fantastic. And his one liners are zingers. Fantastic zingers. And its a nice tight team! Everyone seems to be on the act, well integrated. And this show seems to be pretty good. Lets see at least a few episodes.
  • A fine pilot episode...

    I just finished watching the pilot and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Nathan Fillion is a great actor and it’s been a while since I saw him on TV. Although the murder case was predictable, it had a bit of action, many funny scenes and I liked the music that has been chosen for the episode. There was a connection between the leading characters and the supporting cast was good. I loved seeing Stephen J. Cannell (I am a fan). I will continue to watch “Castle”, because I believe it has the potential of becoming a very good drama/crime show.
  • A really good start to a promising new series.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this pilot episode. The characters were really well written and beautifully played by the whole cast. The Rick Castle character has the right amount of humour to offset the much more serious character of Kate Beckett. The story, involving a copy cat killer basing the murders on Castle's books was involving right to the end. The supporting cast did a fine job, particularly Castle's mother, Martha and his daughter Alexis and both helped to flesh things out. The supporting cops were also really well done too. All in all, this is a really promising start to what I hope will be a great series.
  • Nathan Fillion brings the charm of Mal Reynolds (Firefly/Serenity) to the ego-centric mystery author Rick Castle to the reluctant cop saddled with detective wannabe genre, and it works.

    Castle goes where so many have gone before. Monk, The Mentalist, Psyche, Bones and other shows have taken the buddy cop genre and twisted it to be the not-so-buddy cop genre where the die-hard cop/detective is paired, generally reluctantly, with an odd-ball crime-stopper wannabe out of their element and generally unarmed. While I might sound critical, the fact is that I really do enjoy these type of shows because they take the hardcore crime procedurals and lighten them with a fair amount of humor and interesting characters. This time out, Nathan Fillion, who played anti-hero smuggler Mal Reynolds in Firefly, plays Rick Castle, a successful mystery writer whose books are being used as the m.o. for a serial killer. First this gets him hauled in for questioning, but, after a call to his buddy and fan the mayor, he lands as a consultant on the case. Castle's deductions based on his study of psychology and his writing come in handy on the case which leads him to annoy the heck out of the non-Irish-looking, Irish named Detective Kate Beckett, who, at least up to this point, has been a fan of his books. (Small spoiler) She eventually becomes his muse for future books, breaking his often mentioned writers block which is a result of having killed of his cash-cow main character in his latest book. The research Castle needs to do on her is basis for his ongoing involvement in cases. The backdrop of the show, his family, includes an adorable teenage daughter whose got more sense and morals than her father, a larger than life, widowed mother who is living with them and is on the prowl for the next ex-husband, and the sexy, ex-wife editor/publicist who is in the odd position of wanting him to succeed but hating him at the same time. This show should have wide appeal and I hope success as Fillion and the rest of cast are dynamic, likeable, and interesting. Let's hope the formula doesn't become stale and they keep us guessing. With so many crime dramas, everyone is a master detective now and it's becoming harder to surprise audiences who have seen ever imaginable murder scenario under the sun.
  • If they cancel this show their really stupid

    This show was awesome it was like a muder mystery version of buffy the vampire slayer. the banter is wonderful and witty the characters are good looking and the plot was epic genius. I love murder mysteries but this is better than clue XD. I hope they can keep up the quality. I'd like to see the girls back story and see why she became a cop. the daughter and mother are hilarius. I loved it when he picked the lock on the handcuffs and went chasing after an armed criminal. it was really funny when the criminal forgot to take the saftey off lmao. I also like how unusual the murders are.
  • Nathan Fillion is BACK! :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot episode of this new has a great cast, fun premise, clever writing and great chemistry. I feel like there is so much potential with these characters, and I love the supporting cast and the possibilities they represent for delving deeper into the main leads. I really love the way the episode weaved in Castle's family, especially his daughter; it's amazing how much family interactions can reveal. But most of all I particularly enjoyed the back-and-forth between Castle and Beckett's characters. I've missed this kind of playful banter between male/female leads; I feel like Bones is the closest tv has come in the past few years, yet even that show seems to be moving in more of a dramatic direction. As long as the following episodes give me more of this, I will be tuning in every week to this new exciting show!
  • A good start

    I expected Nathan Fillion to do a good job with this pilot. He has a great sense of humor and timing that shows in his acting. Stana Katic delivers a smooth performance as the serious, by the book detective. The tension from their first scene sets the basis for the friction between Beckett and Castle. This provides great chemistry in the rest of the episode and develops into their continuing interaction. The relationship between the two begins with a great dynamic in the first episode. The supporting cast fills out the rest of the episode in a balanced portrayal of family and squad of detectives. Hope to see more great episodes like this one.
  • Richard Castle famed author is brought into a murder investigation to discuss the similarities to his books murders. Kate Beckett a top detective is forced to work with him to solve the murders. Together they solve the crime and build some chemistry.

    An excellent start to what I think will be an entertaining show. Nathon Fillion as famous author Nick Castle is suave and devious as well as a little conceited. Fillion plays the character to his strengths and comes off charming as ever. A true likable scoundrel.

    Stana Katic from the last Librarian picture and a former Bond Girl is both tough and attractive as Kate Beckett veteran NYPD Detective who is a fan of Castle, but not that impressed with him personally.

    Nice chemistry between the actors and an excellent beginning to their relationship. There is a true sparkle to their interaction.

    Beckett and Castle team to find the killer who is copying a number of murders from Castle's books. There seems to be a decent amount of comedy and action in this first episode and the supporting characters are excellent.

    So far it reminds me of the chemistry on Bones and the supporting cast will probably play an important role like that show in keeping stories moving. Susan Sullivan (Greg's Mother from Dharma and Greg) plays Castle's mother Martha Rodgers. At this very early point she reminds me of Evelyn on Two and a Half Men.

    I really enjoyed the short poker scene with the famous people in the show. I also like the premise that he had killed off his last main character and so he needed a new one and she fit the bill. This could make for some great television.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Very successful and talented author Richard Castle finds himself immersed in the pure reality of his genre after a copycat murderer kills people just like in his books. Teaming up with Detective Kate Beckett, they solve the case together.

    I was more than pleasantly surprised. I must admit, my expectations for this series were not as high as what I saw, I don't know why... They just weren't. I read that Fillion was starring in a new crime series, and so decided to try it as I love these kinds of shows.

    What I found was a gem. I really do think that, given the chance, this show can go really far. Despite this being only the first episode, I feel that Fillion and Katic have got the chemistry of their characters off to a great start. Fillion's portrayal of the confident, sexy Castle, accompanied with the teacher-esque Beckett - telling him off and keeping him at arm's length despite his advances - is great and promises awesome character development.

    The story of this episode was brilliant too. It managed to introduce all of the characters very well while keeping the murder mystery going throughout - the plot wasn't fragmented at all. And Castle getting the handcuff key with his toes? Not many shows make me laugh out loud, but that (as well as others) sure got a chuckle or two out of me.

    This episode didn't really feel like a pilot to me. I felt like I already knew Castle, and I can't wait to see more of him.
  • good start

    Well, the previews for this show looked good and I must say it did not disappoint! Someone is murdered in a way that is similar to the stories in Castle's books and he offers his help to catch the killer. I really like Castle's personality. He's funny and interesting and I like his relationship with his daughter and mother. The female detective is an interesting character as well, and I love how she reacts to Castle's childish personality. I like how Castle really helped the investigation and helped to find the killer; at least he's not just tagging along. Overall, great start to the show and great introduction to the plot and characters. I can't wait to watch more.
  • Excellent debut. A mix between CSI and House

    Actually, I thought the premiere of Castle was fantastic. Nathan Fillion was excellent and the chemistry between him (Richard Castle) and co-star Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) was amazing. I haven't seen Nathan's other works (Firefly), but from the premiere he seems well polished, important in a series where the lead character makes or breaks the show. This series looks promising, bringing comedy to the saturated world of the police drama. In my opinion, it's got the crime procedural elements and filming techniques of CSI mixed with the off-the-wall self-obsessive complex lead character, and humor like House. Hopefully, ABC has a winner on their hands, 'cause I look forward to more!!
  • It's on ABC, so catch it while you can.

    As a huge Nathan Fillion fan, and someone who remembers shows like Moonlighting and Remington Steele with great fondness, I was very much looking forward to Castle. I came away somewhat disappointed.

    In the Pilot, a murderer seems to be reenacting the crimes from author Richard Castle's novels. Captain Kate Beckett happens to be a fan of Castle's work. Castle, meanwhile, has hit a block and is seeking new inspiration. This is the premise of their uneasy partnership.

    A Mystery show has either got to have great mysteries (very rare in the genre) or great writing and great chemistry. When Cybil Shepherd first encountered Bruce Willis in Moonlighting, the chemistry was instantaneous.

    The mystery, here, is nothing special. The plot line has been well played out on other shows, including Monk. The writing is, for the most part, average. That leaves chemistry. Fillion lights up the screen, as he always does. And Stana Katic is wonderful as Captain Beckett. But there doesn't seem to be any genuine chemistry between the two characters--not yet, at least. And I'm not talking about sexual tension, I'm just talking about a cast that blends into a winning unit. The NY Yankees can buy all the talent in the world and still lose for lack of chemistry. What worked on the show? The poker game--featuring other noteworthy authors (e.g. Stephen J. Canell) was stellar. Reminiscent of the table of comics in Woody Allen's "Broadway Danny Rose", the writers need to keep that device and use it often. Molly Quinn does a winning turn as Castle's daughter.

    And, of course, any show with Nathan Fillion in the cast is automatically above average television fare. That will be enough to keep me tuning in, but, unless the writing and chemistry improve markedly, I fear Castle may not have enough to survive the ax happy programers at ABC.
  • It has possibilities...

    I loved Castle warped sense of humor and his family could really be the comic relief of this show. I'm interested to see how Beckett and Castle's relationship develops. I think the basis is there let's see what happens. The pretense is actually pretty believable. A successful writer using the research card to become involved in current cases has been done but in this opening episode I think it was pulled off nicely. The case itself had the twist of it being the brother played out nicely. I think the weekly poker game with known authors offering input was a neat idea.
  • An uber successful author teams up with a hard nosed cop to solve murders and get inspiration for his newest series.

    Let me start off by admitting that I am a huge Nathan Fillion fan and when I heard that he was back on TV I have been waiting on pins and needles waiting for Castle to be on. I literally put up a countdown calendar in anticipation. I know that there is a glaring problem in that when anticipation is that high, how can you not be let down (case in point - Dollhouse).
    Thing is, Castle is everything that I hoped that it would be. I love Nathan's character Rick Castle. He's vain, self absorbed, impatient, immature, and kind of a jerk in the most charming and adorable manner. You can't help but like him and Nathan plays him to perfection. His "partner" Kate is the typical tough, smart, anal, play by the rules cop who is simultaneously annoyed and charmed by Castle. She also happens to be a secret fan of his which adds to the tension, and there is plenty of sexual tension and chemistry between the two of them. I also like the support cast; the daughter who is more mature than her father. Not exactly new, but that she seems to take it in stride is cute and the affection between her and Castle is believable. His mother reminds me of mine-makes you want to grit your teeth down to the gums but you can't stay mad at her for too long. The whole ex-wife as a publisher thing may have some potential, and there wasn't enough of Kate's team really comment on them yet.
    As for the story, I thought it was a typical, even predictable pilot but Castle and Kate did make it interesting. I liked that he was well versed enough in his genre to be able to discern details from the scenes without being too CSI about it. That despite his immaturity he is highly intelligent and observant, and it was cute that Kate - even though she's a fan - was surprised by it. There was also a lot of humor in the episode and plenty of action. And did I mention the chemistry? Oh yeah, it was hot.
    Glad to see Nathan back on TV in my new favorite show!