Season 2 Episode 22

Food to Die For

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 03, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Balthazar Wolf, star chef of the trendy restaurant Q3 is found frozen solid from a spill of liquid nitrogen all over him. His boss was Madison Queller, who is an old friend of Beckett's, who implores her to help investigate the case. Castle likes Madison, but maybe that's only because she knows all these dark secrets about Beckett. David Nicolaides explains how Wolf was taken in by his family, which helped start his career as a chef. David further explained that Wolf was in financial straits, having had to ask David to buy out his share of the family diner not long ago. However, Wolf recently had given a co-worker $5000, which was part of a huge amount of cash he carried around in a knapsack. Wolf wished to leave Q3, but Madison had an insurance policy on her chef, saying that she'd get the payout if Wolf died. Madison and Castle are in the middle of a date at Rocco DiSpirito's restaurant when Beckett interrupts them, after having her own date with Detective Demming interrupted. Madison suspects that Beckett broke their date up intentionally, suggesting that Beckett has the hots for Castle. Demming has dug around a little more and discovered that Wolf had a gambling debt which he eventually paid off. He gave up an engagement ring as collateral. But who was the ring for? Wolf placed the ring in a cake he made the night of his murder. His potential fiancee? Cecily, David's girlfriend. Wolf got Cecily pregnant, but she didn't think that Wolf (with his wild ways) would have been a good father for her child. So she dumped Wolf and decided to stay with dependable David, and pretend the child was his. However, David found out the real story and killed Wolf. Castle points out that none of this trouble would've happened if Cecily had done the right thing and followed her heart in the first place. He's probably suggesting the same thing in regards to Beckett. However, Demming still seems to have eyes for the other detective.

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