Season 2 Episode 22

Food to Die For

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 03, 2010 on ABC

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  • Excellent

    A good crime, with enough clues to make conclusions along with the police. Also a funny, witty script.
  • can anyone out there tell this deimonn guy to shut the hell up n mind his buisness..."castle n becks" are meant to be...:)

    the episode starts with a guy found murdered and his body freezed with liquid nitrogen n the hotel staff come n try to check his pulse n end up "breaking a chunk" of his hand(seriously thats yuck!!!)the investigation proceeds with murder suspects including the hotel owner who happens to be beck's friend n finally they hit upon the murderer as usual in the cute way that castle and beckett manage to dish put for us episode after episode together with a lil peppering of their "hide and seek" love jazz!!!.... quite a good episode i would say(which episode is not btw!?!)...:)
  • A return to the more comical and whimsical Castle that we now know and love, after last week's more dramatic set of events. Plenty of great one-liners and an escalation to the sexual tension between the two lead characters.

    The crime mystery in Food to Die For, unsurprisingly revolves around the death of a star Chef; who after winning a reality TV cook-off, has been thrust into the spot-light and Castle and company are quick on the scene to sift through the slew of suspects and false leads. Like an Agatha Christie novel, every character seems to have motive for the murder and like any good whodunit, the audience is kept guessing until the very last moment.

    But as always, the crime and its suspects play almost second stage to the interactions between Castle and Beckett, whilst being supported superbly by Esposito and Ryan. Some insight into Beckett's past, comes in the form of an old high school friend, Madison, who hints at a rather different side to the seemingly straight laced detective. The budding relationship between Beckett and Demming is still lurking in the background, but it really only acts as a catalyst for some awkwardly jealous moments, as does Castle's date(?) with Madison. Where once we were teased with the possibility of underlying feelings between the two leads, it is now painfully apparent, in every furrowed brow and concerned gaze on Castle's face. At one point, Madison confronts Beckett about her feelings for the writer, unaware that he is observing them both behind the two-way glass of the interview room. Notably, instead of denying her feelings, Beckett merely whispers that Castle is in ear shot. It would appear the lady doth protest not enough.

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  • Perfection! The reason why I eagerly tune into this show every week...

    Amazing! This episode (where a famous chef is murdered in his kitchen and then covered in liquid nitrogen) has the perfect balance between laugh-out loud humour and touching emotional moments. With Castle going on a date with Beckett's high school friend Madison (who is a suspect at one point) and Beckett continuing to develop her relationship with Demming, the inter-woven dynamics create some hilarious moments and some clear jealousy. After the disappointment of "Den of Thieves" with the total loss of the Castle/Beckett chemistry, the return of the humour in this episode was more than welcomed. And the end scene with Castle and Beckett also brought a very emotional and dramatic scene to perfectly round out the episode. Highlights: - The awkward moment at the dining table with Madison when Beckett doesn't want to say the word "date" in front of Castle but in the next moment is upset (JEALOUS!) when Castle volunteers to accompany Madison to an event. - Madison declaring that Beckett wants to have "little Castle babies" in the interrogation room while Castle is watching behind the two way mirror. And Castle's subsequent teasing of Beckett afterwards...

    - Castle at home freezing random stuff in liquid nitrogen and then proceeding to outline his diabolical plan to take over the world and then laughing evilly.

    - Beckett and Castle's touching moment at the end. (A little reminiscent of "Bones" but great in it's own right.)

    All in all, a fantastically well rounded episode I'll be watching over and over again.
  • Great one!

    This one was the reason I watch this show. It had me laughing, smiling, made my head spin...everything!
    Although I do like those two together, I still do not want them to hook up. :)
    Suspect after suspect, he did it, she did it, no, no, he did it, no she...It was great and funny! I did have suspicion, and I was right but that didn't ruin this episode for me. I didn't want it to end! I understood everything B. told C. at the end, and the other way around. I really hope for some more awkward situation for both of them just like tonight! I know many fans want them to be together but for me this is much more better and makes me want to watch it! :)
  • Food for thought on so many levels...

    As usual, the cast of whodunnits was run through their prime suspect phase throughout the episode, and in a show where anyone could have done it the eventual culprit is usually pretty easy to spot. No this time for me. I had the right couple; just the wrong partner. Guess that's why I'm not an investigator...

    The whole Madison character was a nice counterpart to Beckett's social life one-upmanship with Castle. And while little Castle babies are not likely to appear in the next few seasons (thinking positively here, about the next few seasons that is...) it did give Beckett food for pause re: the whole Demming relationship.

    Speaking of food; some of the courses in Rocco's eatery were gross...but I digress...

    The sideline story of Alexis' debate was also kind of entertaining. My kids would not have had such a debate as to what to do, but on the other hand, we have used the "just tell them your Mom said no" story before. Good technique Castle!

    Castle continues to be one of the most watchable shows on TV...