Season 2 Episode 4

Fool Me Once

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on ABC
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Castle and Beckett investigate the mysterious death of an Arctic explorer during an expedition. The investigation leads them in many interesting directions including Park Avenue and the CIA. Things really gets frustrating when Castle wonders if the killer is fooling all of them.

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  • A good one.

    The only thing I've disliked so far is Alexis and Martha's behaviour. Especially in the interrogation room. It doesn't matter how good a person Alexis is, if Dylan is a bad guy he'll take advantage of her anyway. And Castle calling his school just to make sure he is who he says he is, is completely reasonable. You are a rich man, people want to scam that, your daughter is young, people will take advantage of that.

    And Alexis and Martha questioning him and putting his 'rules' aside like they don't matter and making Castle apologise.. was just a bit annoying. Which has annoyed me a bit so far and will continue doing so, but only minimally. Castle can be immature, but also mature and he IS the father so he is the boss of Alexis, and his mother stays with him rent free so she should be quiet and grateful.

    Good episode though, loved Fletcher and all the mind screwing he still managed to do after his death.. or supposed death ;)moreless
  • A con with a twist.

    Great opening – very cool idea … except for the part where the kids witnessed a murder! Those kids are going to be scarred for life. It was a great con – the fake snow and the 'wind' and the polar bears. The key to a big con is preparation and this guy certainly was a pro. Liked the CIA guy too, very cool.

    The con artist story was good and the twist was nice – the con artist being killed *because* he was going straight. Actually being in love, if he signed the prenup, there would have been no money at all. Now that's a motive for murder.

    I can understand why Alexis got so upset and she has a point, she is extremely responsible but she should also try to see Castle's side of it. He works with a homicide detective and was specifically working a job about a con artist – it's not a huge leap to see why he reacted the way he did.

    A very enjoyable episode.moreless
  • Great character interaction, some more Castle - Beckett chemistry and a case that keeps you guessing until the very end.

    This week's case revolved around a con artist, whose achievements in his dubious profession were so numerous that the detectives are in a rollercoaster trying to figure out who he was, what were the motives for his actions and which part the people in his life really played - his fiancée, the schoolteacher, his father-in-law, his partner, everyone's a suspect until proven otherwise. After many twists in the plot the actual murderer is revealed, literally at the end of the episode. Which is perfectly fine by me, I like guesswork in police shows, and the more suspenseful the better. This one didn't include chasing suspects or immediate danger like some of the other cases, but made up for it in riddles. The case was very exciting!

    The best clues of this episode however, in my opinion, where the scenes with Beckett and the book - especially the "date" where she creates a sexy, relaxing environment that has us guessing she may be expecting some special someone, until she picks up Castle's book! And the other one where Castle surprises her in the toilet - ingenious! Also Castle's troubles as the dad of a teenage daughter, he has his heart in the right place but sometimes his foot is in his mouth as well... Alexis storming into the department and giving her father the third degree was funny, but also moving. I liked the closing line in their next conversation: "Be patient with me, I've never had a teenage daughter before". Can't wait for the next fix!moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes

    I thought this episode had the perfect blend of crime story and character development. I've always watched shows for the story and very much enjoy shows like Law & Order where each episode pretty much stands on its own. It harkens back to Perry Mason, the father of the genre. Perry was all about the crime whereas today's shows are a mix of the two.

    The more this show goes on, the more I like the characters and find myself looking forward to the character development as much as the next story.

    My favorite here was the Richard/Alexis interaction where a loving, concerned and well-meaning father overdoes it and temporarily harms the relationship with his daughter. The scene where Alexis interrogates him at the station and storms out of the room was terrific. It's likely my favorite moment of the show to date. The last scene where Richard says "Be patient with me, I've never had a teenage daughter before" is beautifully done.moreless
  • 'Fool me once; shame on you, fool me twice...'

    This is a common phrase known by most of us and we can surely fill in the blank. It was definitely the statement of the entire episode, when it comes to shams, cons and being fooled time and time again.

    From the moment the show opened with a guy who looked like an Eskimo vacationing in the Pacific, well I knew he would have been beheaded if not in front of the children the after wards. It is after all how the best crime dramas are initiated.

    'Fool Me Once' surrounded the life of a con man who wanted to change and clean himself up for the woman he loved. Half the time I couldn't care for the characters they threw on our trail to whiff up as the murderer; the woman he coned for her life long savings, the teacher involved in the con (except he was on the other end of the conversation, accessory would have been good enough), his fiancee, her father and the list would probably go on.

    I suspected the fiancee at first and the entire partner wanting a piece in the con gone wrong was basically a sham, I couldn't really care who did it after a while. The only thing that actually made this episode interesting was Castle's witty comments and Beckett's desire to make love to Castle's book-that definitely should reflect how she feels about Castle, since she treated his book like a drug she couldn't shake off, even on the job in the bathroom.

    Another favorite scene would have been Castle's mysterious CIA contact, the act itself has been done before, but it did the job. I couldn't help but laugh at his 'agent skills' or even 'magical skills' to vanish out of thin air.

    This time Alexis' urge to play the violin as a side plot felt out of place. I am usually accustomed to her role as being the little voice in Castle's ear telling him what to do about a dead end case. Aside from her instructor's attractive nature, Castle had every right to be concerned, he didn't even introduce himself properly to 'The Father'. Nothing like the chatter between Castle and Beckett to keep the show going.

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    Four Stars

    Grade B-


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Alexis: Aren't you worried about Dylan's intentions towards Gram?
      Castle: I'm hoping they involve running away together, but I'm not that lucky.

    • Patty Schultz: Have you ever been duped?
      Castle: I've been married twice.

    • Castle: (after seeing Steven Fletcher get shot on video) That was AWESOME!

    • Beckett: Wait, there's a sex scene in the book? Between us?
      Castle: There's a sex scene between Nikki Heat and the roguishly handsome reporter who's helping her.
      Beckett: Oh, good. So he's nothing like you.

    • Beckett: Who are you calling?
      Castle: My guy in the CIA.
      Beckett: You have a guy in the CIA?
      Castle: When are you going to learn? I have a guy everywhere.

    • Beckett: What was so important that you had to cut my sparring session short?
      Castle: Just that I cracked this case wide open. You know, the thought of you fighting in the ring with another woman; strangely arousing.

    • Castle: The thrill they get from pulling a con, it's like a drug high.
      Capt. Montgomery: Our con man was on drugs?
      Beckett: No sir, Castle was just giving us psychological insight based on his extensive experience as a fraud.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Nekonečná identita (Infinite Identity)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Slovakia: September 7, 2010 on JOJ
      Germany: October 1, 2010 on Kabel Eins
      United Kingdom: October 13, 2010 on Alibi
      Finland: November 14, 2010 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: December 8, 2010 on Prima

    • Featured Music: "Factories" by Winter Gloves "Can't Stop" by Mozella "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" by PD "Variations on 'Ah vous dirais-je, Maman' (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star), K.265" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


    • Firefly:

      According to actor Nathan Fillion's Twitter feed, the blue gloves that Castle and Beckett wear while they are investigating the crime scene is a reference to Nathan's former sci-fi show, Firefly. In it the delusional character River would mumble the line "Two by two, hands of blue", referring to two unknown agents (who always wore blue gloves) that had been pursuing River ever since her escape.