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Anyone else think this is how Castle will end?

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    Hey I just had a thought. When it comes time to for the final Castle episode ever to air since Castle was the one to reopen Beckett's mom's case and he put Beckett in danger with out thinking do you think the only way he is going to be able to safe Beckett will be if he die taken down Bracken or goes to prison for killing Bracken when he can't be stopped from going after Beckett any other way?

    I think the most likely series final plot is that Beckett has to go on the run from Bracken and then Castle can't find any other way to save her so He has to kill Bracken and then Beckett has to arrest him and send him to prison for the rest of his life.

    Anyone else think this is how the series is likely to end?

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    I'd say it would be a good reason the show was already cancelled if they ended it that way. It's a gigantic insult to the viewers that have stood by the show and supported it over the years. I also doubt Stana Katic would willingly go along with this idea being the huge Caskett shipper she is. If they did go with Castle murdering Bracken, they would have to make it the best episode they have ever written. Beckett wouldn't live with herself if she let Castle get away with the perfect murder, and it feels like it takes his willingness to do anything to protect those he loves way beyond anything we've seen.

    The series finale could very well be taking down Bracken, but they'll do it the exact same way they have every other murderer. It would end with something monumental like Castle proposing, but it would also make it obvious that they will continue with their partnership. Maybe Gates ends up approving of Castle. Or Gates gets a promotion with Beckett getting promoted to take over. Maybe she'll propose to him if she gets that promotion. Whatever it is, it will be a fairy tale ending that shows how much the cast and crew appreciate the fans making it the success it is.
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