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Becket's possible new job and the future of Castle (no spoilers for those up to

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    This question isn't tied to a previous episode nor does it contain spoiler for those up to date and seen the current previews.

    At the end of last episode the US agent offered Becket a job interview. In the previews going around this last week, it looks like Becket takes the interview and Castle finds out but its not clear when (before the interview, after the interview but before the job offer, after the job offer, or even after Becket decides what to do about the job offer).

    I'm wondering what do you think . . .

    Personally, I see lots of possibilities. One is where the series moves from The Big Apple to Washington DC. In this scenario Becket takes the job leaving Castle and they may or may not try the long distance romance. After a couple of episodes, though, it is clear Becket works best with Castle. The Attorney General invites Castle to join Becket as her partner and as a consultant to the Attorney General.

    Given the job takes them all around the world, their base of operations could be in NYC or in Washington, but in any case, the stories take place in various locations. One thought is after awhile they end back up in NYC working with their old team on a case and Becket decides she really wants to stay. There are several ways to bring her back to NYC at this point, including a long term case that requires her assignment there. At the end of it she decides to stay and the AG says he expected it and she and Castle can come back at anytime. In fact Castle can come even by himself. We see him all excited and wanting to take it, but then backing off. Becket praises him as she has in the past ...

    Anyway, bottom line is there are many possibilities and I'm wondering what are the ones you see **and** what do you think can or should happen with this opportunity. Obviously, the writers are looking at Becket and her future (just like she would in real life), which is GREAT! Keeping it real keeps it alive!

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