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Castle vs. Rodgers

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    [1]Mar 9, 2010
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    Why does Castle and his mother not share the same last name? Hers is Rodgers, noticed it when they had the poker game going and one of the boys called her Miss R.

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    [2]Mar 11, 2010
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    According to Martha's official character bio, she's been married at least once. I have no idea which name is her original, but there's a good chance Rodgers is the name she had when she got her first real acting gigs and she stuck with it, at least professionally. Castle doesn't seem like a name Richard just made up for professional use(I think they would've mentioned it by now if Castle was just a pen name), so maybe it was the name of Martha's husband when he was in school(his first book was published when he was still in college).

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