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    Welcome to the Castle guide on

    Forum Guidelines

    The forum is a place for positive attitudes and all fans of the show. Please review the following rules designed to keep things running smoothly:

    1. This is a discussion board for the Castle television show. Games, polls, surveys, lists, post-counting and lounge-type threads, etc., do not constitute discussion. Any threads of this kind will be deleted.

    2. The best way to assure discussion is to explain why you think what you think. As an example, posting "What was your favorite episode?" does not start a discussion. "What was your favorite episode and why?" does start a discussion.

    3. There are pinned threads that contain the answers to frequently asked questions and current discussion topics. Please ask your question in an existing thread and do not start a new thread to ask one question. Please don't clutter the board with a new thread unless it's absolutely necessary.

    4. There are blogs and signature lines for your personal agenda - including fan fiction and fansites - please use those. This also includes advertising or promotional activities. If you have forum or submission questions, please send a PM to the editor and do not post them in the forum.

    5. The forums are discussion boards. Responses with just an emoticon or replying with "Yeah" and "I agree" are not productive, do not involve discussions, and are often considered disruptive and are subject to moderation

    6. The terms of service (TOS) regarding bumping old threads, flaming, trolling, flooding, etc., also apply in this forum. If you believe someone has violated these rules, please use the drop-down menu at the bottom on the message and report it. Do not argue or challenge anyone by saying "I'm reporting you." This action could get result in your own moderation.

    7. Avoid excessive quoting of previous posts. Nesting multiple quotes of others, then adding your own response, can be distracting and disruptive. People can read the threads directly above you. Quoting is only necessary when the post to which you are replying is not directly above your own or you wish to address only part of another post.

    8. Off-topic threads will be locked or deleted.

    9. Posting links that advertise other message boards is not allowed. All posts containing links to sites, such as, that contain illegally uploaded copyrighted information are not allowed. All posts containing these links will be deleted. Posting screencaps, overly large photos, or other copyrighted material is not allowed and will be deleted.

    10. During the regular season, the guide editor or someone they ask, will start all official episode discussion threads before the airdate. Please post relevant comments in those threads. Any duplicate threads started to discuss a new episode will be deleted.

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