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Is it just me or does something seem off about the character interactions lately

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    I am just wondering if I am the only one who feels that the characters have not been acting like their normal fun selves since about the time the show came back from the Christmas break.

    Has there been some sort of conflict behind the scenes either with the writers or actors? Beckett and Castle don't even look at each other any more let alone flirt or do anything you would expect a couple in love to do. In fact lately they come off as coworkers who don't remember each other's names. Ryan and Esposito don't joke around or come off as buddies who have each other's back any more they just do their job with out seeming like friends. It's as if either the writers have stopped writing the characters as a team and have not been bothering to put any humor or lightness into the scripts or there is some conflict between the cast and they don't want to work together any more and that is sucking all the humor and life out of the show. Please understand I am not saying this to attack the show or the people behind it I am just wondering because one of the things that makes the show special seems to have been gone since we came back from the winter break and I think it may be one of the reasons for the ratings being way down and I only point it out because I want to see it fixed so the show can recover and go on. I am not pointing this out too be mean,and I am not the first to notice this. The show just feels off since it came back this spring and I think it can be fixed if the people behind it are willing to work on it,that is all.

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