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Official Episode Discussion: Heartbreak Hotel 4x08 (Nov 7)

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    [1]Nov 5, 2011
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    Let's discuss Monday's episode Heartbreak Hotel here. Enjoy!

    from When a casino owner is murdered at an abandoned warehouse, suspects emerge in New York and Atlantic City; during the investigation, Castle throws an impromptu bachelor party for Ryan.

    Check out the promo over at Shotgun! Dancing, Showgirls and Sin! Boys Night Out! Someone's going down swinging!
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    [2]Nov 8, 2011
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    I liked it, if for no reason than the campy "Let's dress like Elvis to break into the Casino" bit :-)

    It was probably one the first episode where I was OK with the new boss... until now she was coming off as kind of a witch towards the "team" (particularly Castle).

    Here she explained herself somewhat... Castle's good but he throws a bunch of theories on the wall until one of them sticks. She's correct that cops on't have time for that... but in practice I imagine it still happens. It looks like a lover's spurn, it now looks like it's about money, now it looks like it's revenge on something, oh it wound up being about money like we thought earlier

    And Kate shouldn't be using that as a crutch, she's good on her own.

    I like that more than "you're not a cop, you don't belong here... even though you've done a lot for the precinct."

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    [3]Nov 8, 2011
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    yea I didn't care for this episode and I agree the boss was shown in a better light not that I ever had a problem with her

    I've been sour on Alexis for awhile now but I think her storyline would have played out alot better if she hadn't bothered with cleaning up and just took on a 'that happened' attitude

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    It might not be what we are accustomed to but it was refreshing to see Castle operating without Beckett.
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    [5]Nov 9, 2011
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    I didn't hate it considering there was very little Castle/Beckett and the "You said it, not me" discussion she had with Gates was enjoyable. In the past, her response to someone implying she had/has feelings for Castle was to roll her eyes due to being repulsed, offended, amused, etc by the accusation. This time she was didn't bother with any kind of denial, maybe she's realising it's just pointless. Cannot bloody believe we have to wait until the 21st for the next episode. Then again, my last uni exam for the year is on the 18th, so at least I can watch it with relief knowing I can relax for a while. How freaking amazing are the next three episodes going to be though! (Kill Shot, Cuffed, and Til Death Do Us Part) I'm not sure which one I'm most excited for. I actually think it's 'Cuffed' (4x10 Dec 5th) to be honest.
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