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Official Episode Discussion: Once Upon a Crime 4x17 (Feb 27)

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    Let's discuss Monday's episode Once Upon a Crime here. Enjoy!

    from When two women are found dead dressed as fairytale characters, Castle and Beckett must race to find the killer before he strikes again.

    Check out the promo over at It's little red riding hood! A fairytale killer!
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    I thought the scene from the promo where Castle says Kate looks attractive when she's mad was cute. It along with her reactions to Martha's play highlight how close they have become. Only a close friend can get you to laugh when you are angry. I admit to being fooled somewhat by who the killer was. I knew it wasn't the husband because there was too much time left before the ending, but I thought it might have been the sister because she was more outraged that he blackmailed her sister than killed her.
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