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Official Episode Discussion: The Wild Rover 5x18 (Mar 25)

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    Please use this thread to discuss episode The Wild Rover. Enjoy!

    From ABC.go : When a body is discovered in an industrial cake mixer, the murder is traced to an Irish gang and a bar owner named Siobhan O'Doul.
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    your'e a bit behind i see. he he. anyways i loved this episode! as much as i love the character Rick Castle and of course the lovely Kate Beckett

    it's ALWAYS great when the writers if other characters get a chance to shine. and the ending was nice too. what the writers haven't done yet is also center an episode Lanie. but don't have the usual stuff that happens in most shows when it centers around another character who's got a different job. like for example on NCIS this season we had Jimmy & Ducky get kidnapped and the episode centered around them. and of course there's other stuff that shows repeat as well. have it be something totally different for a change.


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