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what kind of storyline/back story would you like to see in S3

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    [1]Jun 13, 2010
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    I know I'm going to get shot down for creating this new thread but I'm very interested in what kind of story line/ back ground

    people would like to see in the new season

    personally I would love them to do other one "den of thieves" where we got to see a little back ground on Esposito or "kill the messenger"

    where so the captain get more involved in a case

    I think its time that Ryan or Lanie got some story lines

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    Seamus Dever talked about Jenny coming back in season 3 so I'm sure Ryan will get an episode similar to one that Esposito got in s2.

    Montgomery kinda got a backstory in s2 with kill the messenger, but Lanie hasn't really been explored much at all so I guess she's due for something along those lines too.

    Castles father is still unknown, perhaps they will include something about finding him. Naturally Beckett's Mother's killers will probably be found in s3 also.
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    Basically what has been stated previously. I feel the show is lacking in the area of having every character well developed and not 2-dimensional (with the exception of Castle and Beckett) so I would personally love some more focus on Ryan, Esposito, Lanie, Alexis and Montgomery. I would also like Beckett's mother's murder mystery completely solved and perhaps met Chet (Martha's boyfriend) but not as much as I want the story lines about the five characters previously mentioned.

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    well said well said. i dunno what i want. part of me wants them to hook up, but the other part of me thinks it's just too damn soon since the show is still new if ya think about it. there's only i think 34 episodes so far. i agree though those characters do NEED more background & story lines. they i think are either forgetting about them or still not sure what direction they want to go in. which makes sense either way. anyways, i did love the finale though. NOT as good as Grey's Anatomy or "House" but up there. anyways, i also think beckett's dad should also be in the show a little more as well. he's only been in what 1 or 2 episodes so far. i'd like Castle to meet the guy. i'm curious on what he has to say about ole Rick. you know i was thinking tonight that i think Castle has acted more mature this past season hence 2nd season just in case anyone gets confused on what i mean. anyways than he did during the 1st season. i like that. what was also nice was her all of a sudden during the start of the season liking him around her. i knew at some point it would happen of course but the way it was written it was nice cause it caught me off guard. i also loved that line in one episode where me & castle both agree on how there should be a law in women leading you on. i forget the episode. i actually said that out loud while watching it & was stunned that Castle said it at the same time! he he.
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    Well if the interviews with the Stana Katic are prearranged and they can talk only as much about the future as it is allowed by the channel, than it has a high probability that Castle and Beckett will come together soon and maybe there will be a new recurring character, a gay BFF of her? We will see.
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