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Season 6 Episode 6

Get a Clue

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2013 on ABC
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Castle's convinced a "Da Vinci Code" type conspiracy is at play when strange symbols and a mysterious monk are involved in the bizarre murder of a young woman. Elsewhere, Alexis and Pi move in together.

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  • Get a Clue

    An interesting story that they dealt with here. I wish we had more of Castle and Beckett trapped, but still an interesting plot. The Alexis and Pi stuff was nonsense though.
  • Da Vinci Code and Pi

    Castle and Beckett follow a Da Vinci Code mystery and Castle upsets Alexis with his distaste for Pi and their new apartment.
  • The DaVinci Code - The Sequel

    I love Castle. I really do. Unfortunately, this ep had me a bit annoyed. The ep had the usual twist & turns, suspects popping up here and there, but in the end I just didn't feel the usual jois-de-vivre that I usually do. The B story with Alexis & Pi felt contrived & stale. Castle's immense (almost elitist) dislike for Pi that the writers have designed (yes, Castle is an over-protective father, but still) practically dictated the script that he act like an ass at dinner. And act like an ass, he did... I will say that the "Get A Clue" ep name was very applicable to this part of the episode. I really liked how Alexis didn't just forgive Castle. But Castle needs to think about his actions. Grow up. Treat his daughter like an adult. Get a clue...

    For some reason, I had the killer nailed in the first 5 minutes. I'm not sure why; it might be the 'let's hide the killer in the opening couple of scenes so that the audience forgets about them and it's all that more dramatic at the time of the reveal' shtick the show has used A LOT, and it's getting obvious to see. I also found some illogical points in the plot.

    First - Castle is going to put his hand in the mouth of the big sun symbol. Lord only knows what's in there. So, why didn't practical & pragmatic Kate use her flashlight to first examine the hole? Or let alone, Castle? Granted, he's impulsive and whatnot, but still... And yes, we knew Castle was going to do a fake-out. But it was still funny to watch. : )

    Second - Where did the sword come from that killed our victim? Based on the motive from the killer, the killing was unplanned; there was no reason for the sword even being there. So, why was it? Sloppy writing here.

    Third - If I had just killed someone over the theft of a sackful of money (which, by the way, didn't look or move like a bag at all), why wouldn't you steal the coins? And if the killer tried, how did they get out of the crypt?

    Fourth - Feeling dejected about the case, Castle goes home and Beckett says she'll come by later to cheer him up. That night at home, Castle figures out that the individual clues are parts of a bigger clue. So, why was it that he was only telling Beckett the next morning? Yeah, she could've not gone to Castle's place but that wasn't articulated. Again, sloppy writing.

    All in all, not a bad ep, but absolutely not one of its finest...moreless
  • Bloody Brilliant

    After last week's episode (which had me in absolute stitches. One of my favourites ever) I didn't know what to expect. But my goodness, they just keep coming with one great episode after another. And was I at all surprised that Castle can fight with swords or that he knows Latin? Of course not. It's Castle people, I'd expect nothing less. Not as great as last week's episode, although I might be a little biased because of the guest appearance from "Chuck's" Morgan. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

    ... Anyway, last week's episode definitely was one of the coolest episodes ever, I couldn't even handle the awesome. I walked around smiling like an idiot and clapping like a seal for an hour after I watched it. Good thing no one was home or I might be writing from a mental institute

    This episode was close to being that fantastic, but dropped just short. That doesn't mean it wasn't freaking awesome, because it certainly was. Can't wait till next week! :Dmoreless
  • The Fencing Master

    of course Castle can fight with swords - a surprise when he picked one up and battled the baddy to the ground, but not at all out of character for Castle; neither was the fact that he reads Latin.

    The true Renaissance Man

    Excellent episode - when Kate said "our suspect is an ex-con,,,, a felonious monk" i almost fell off my chair laughing.

    (For the kids out there - Thelonius Monk was a famous New York City jazz pianist and composer, considered one of the giants of American music)moreless
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Pamela Shaddock


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Aaron Craven

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James Macdonald

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    • Castle: A posed body, mysterious medieval symbols, and now a murderous monk. It's a real life Da Vinci Code.

    • Beckett: So the FBI doesn't have any murders in their database that match this MO.
      Castle: Which leaves us with my theory. Our victim was dabbling with black magic, and she conjured up a demon.
      Beckett: Or maybe she ran afoul of some obscure religious sect, and they sacrificed her to their pagan deity.
      Castle: What are you doing?
      Beckett: Making stuff up, just like you do.
      Castle: Yeah, because that's my job. It's your job to follow the evidence. You're messing with the natural order of things.

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