Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

The opening scene shows a tub of motor oil, from which the face of a woman comes up to the surface. Then the action switches to Castle's house, where the Castle family and Kate as well as Officers Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan are playing cards. Castle lets Kate win, which Martha notices. A call comes and they rush to the hotel where the opening scene was. They find an empty can of motor oil and a glass containing wine laced with sleeping pills. They contact the husband Michael Goldman who tells them that his wife, Allison went twice a week to the city to work for a flower shop. When contacted, the owner denies knowing anyone called Allison. While going over her email, they find she had contact with a true crime story writer, Lee Wax. At Wax's home, Castle and Beckett learn that Wax was penning Dern's memoirs. Allison was actually a fugitive who had been on the run for 20 years, as she and two of her environmentalist friends had blown up an oil ship, while the captain was still on it. One died, and the other was sent to prison for 15 years. The two visit the captain Sam Pike's house. They find the Wax had been in contact with them and were unaware that Dern was living so close to them. Their son Adam tells them that he was at a club on Tuesday night. Following Esposito's revelation that Jared Swanstorm was given away while in hiding, they visit Swanstorm who believes it is his fault that Susan died as the bomb went off too early for her to escape. But contradictory to Dern's claim that she and Susan argued over setting off the bomb while the captain was in the ship, Swanstorm states that Dern came back well before the bomb had blown up. Meanwhile, Adam's alibi falls through and he admits going to talk to Dern about 'blood money', but before he can do so, a lady goes into Dern's apartment. When pressed, he reveals that every month, a money order comes to them and the first one twenty years ago was signed 'Please forgive me'. They conclude that it couldn't have been Dern who was giving the money as she would have told it to Max for some more sympathy. Shorn of leads, they play poker and this time Beckett lets Castle win. Tracing the money, they come across an accident victim, Mary Wright who is actually Susan Mailer. She had been the one who had tried to shut off the bomb and got thrown overboard by the blast. Afterwards, she was nursed back to health by a med student. When she learnt that Dern was ghostwriting a memoir, through Max's call, she threatened to tell every thing if Dern published it. Dern invited her to the hotel but Mailer fought and Dern was knocked unconscious, allowing mailer to drag her into the oil filled tub, drowning her. As Mailer is led away, Wax comes in to see Castle to get the story but Castle reproaches her as her calls led everyone to find out where Dern was and in the end, it led to her death. Max walks away as Castle tells her she may be a character in a future book of his. Now alone, Beckett and Castle decide to have a fair poker game and Beckett starts dealing out the cards as the screen fades out.