Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on ABC

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  • The best of season 1

    Excellent episode. Lots of twisty turns with several surprises in store. Often, I spot the villain too early in the episode, but not in this case.

    I was sad that Cynthia's killer had to face a jury, because she tried to make restitution for so long, and it was self-defense, in part.

    Favorite moment for me: Castle telling Lee Wax off for deliberately exposing the victim's identity and location just to get control to write a better book. Laughed when he said her actions weren't illegal, but slimy.
  • Please Save Castle....

    I loved the puzzle of the murder victim not being whom she said she was being a creative twist. The fact the Cynthia Dern was on the FBI's most wanted list was a curve ball that Castle willingly catches and runs with to all angles. Dern was writing her memoirs and looking for public sympathy but Castle sees holes throughout the story. Old adage still rings true in this case, follow the money. Which leads them to a ghost who has risen from the dead wanting to make amends from being racked with guilt. I had it figured out when Pike's son heard Cynthia arguing with a woman. But I loved when Castle confronted Wax about putting the pieces in place for the murder to take place to begin with, which was classy.

    Castle's interview protocol still needs work but is good for a giggle. I loved Martha giving away Castle's Poker tells; now that was funny.
  • Another superb episode of Castle, with all the usual twists and turns. (Spoilers)

    This was yet another superb episode of Castle. I thought it was a pretty good case with lots of twists and turns that kept me guessing all the way through the episode. I'm glad they keep developing the relationship between Castle and Beckett as the show continues, and it's quite obvious that they're starting to care more and more about each other. I'm still hoping Castle gets to get more involved with the cases, for example, he should be given a gun within the next episode or two; in my opinion at least. Overall though, I give this episode, Ghosts, a 9 out of 10.
  • A fascinating 20 year old case which results in an exotic murder in the present.

    Castle's strength is when they come up with cases with lots of twists and this certainly qualifies. However, I did realize Susan was alive the moment they mentioned the word 'vaporized', I always find it suspicious when there's conveniently no body. Ever since 'The Rock'…

    What Lee Wax did was criminal but unfortunately not illegal, deliberately hinting to all the people she interviewed that she was in contact with Cynthia, hoping one of them would call the Feds. She got one better – one of them murdered her and in such a dramatic (and completely appropriate) way that it is manna from Heaven, what a perfect end to her book.

    Very strong episodes, playing on the series' strengths which it should do more often because episodes like this are what makes the series so good.
  • A woman is found drowned in a bathtub of motor oil and Beckett and Castle must uncover the events that led to this murder. A murder that is related to a environmental terrorist groups acts twenty years before.

    Poker, poker, and more poker... Castle and Beckett try to figure out who's bluffing when it comes to a dead but long wanted fugitive from the law.

    A woman who had been leading a double life as a wife and a environmentalist terrorist collide when she is found dead in a cheap New York flop house bathtub. It turns out the woman was involved in a bombing of an oil tanker after the Exxon Valdez debacle. The bombing killed the terrorist's accomplice and put the Captain of the Tanker in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. Also the bomb maker was sent up for fifteen years for building the bomb. The only person who seemed to be free was the one person who could not have her story cooberated by anyone else. Or could she?

    Bring in the shlokey murder writer (no not Castle :)) and we have a new suspect. It seems that the woman who was wanted was writing a tell all about her adventure and using a ghost writer. She was telling the story of a woman who had second thoughts and regrets over the bombing, but what she didn't know was she was describing her partner who was not killed but blown overboard. Some of the best scenes tonight were the two times Beckett and Castle tried to make each other look good in front of their proteges. Both of them lost in two separate games by going out even though they had better hands than the other one so they could allow the other to save face. First Castle with his Mom and the other detectives when he has a full house, then Beckett with Aces over Queens against Castle in front of the Mayor, Commissioner, and her Captain. They both knew the other did it afterwords so don't worry, they were figuring out a way to solve their little problem at the end of the episode.

    In the end the murder was an accident and it turns out our little fugitive probably got her own medicine in that she was going to kill her partner and had it all planned out. Unfortunately she lost in the end as did everyone involved in the original plot.

    Thanks for reading...