Season 4 Episode 3

Head Case

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on ABC

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  • An interesting one.

    See, this entire season, I just dislike Beckett every time she says or does anything remotely towards Castle because I know she knows he loves her... and yet she does not seem to care. Knowing he'll probably never leave her, she can just take her time and be a bitch to him.

    interesting episode though, and the legalities behind who gets to have the body was a bit funny.

    I don't actually get why Alexis didn't get into Stanford. While I'm glad little miss spoilt didn't get in, as much as I enjoy her some episodes others she's insufferable. But she's a massive nerd, does 1000x extra-curricular activities, works hard, is a nice person, has a rich father (which I'm sure they'd love to ask for donations from)...

    Not sure how I feel about Alexis' little break down with the box of awards. Like, she obviously is very upset, so I could feel for her and understand why she feels she's a failure. But at the same time, she's being quite irrational and over the top. I think Castle is a bit right that he raised a child who hasn't had to deal with rejection before.. But she acted it great, I felt like I'd been rejected from Stanford!
  • About as spicy, tasty and interesting as a bland, tepid soup.


    I love, LOVE "Castle." I really have enjoyed the bantering, the laughter, the bonding of the team and Beckett and Castle.

    But the cutesy stealing glances at each other tonight was enough. I've heard a LOT of fans growing weary of the "will they or won't they" plot, and I DO understand Beckett wants to solve her mother's case before she can move on...

    But really? This is nuts. It's beginning to look like we're watching Fillion and Katic start to grow stale.

  • A bit X-Filish


    Okay the case this week was a bit, how to put it, strange? Maybe a bit over the top for my taste and lacking a bit of drive in the middle. It reminded me a bit of the monster of the week episodes on the X-Files.

    While I like how they play the Beckett/Castle relationship for now, with some not so subtle references, i.e. their takes on great love stories, I'm a bit worried about the Gates roll in this season.

    I get it, they want her to be a pain in the ass, but this week she was even worse. While I can understand that she doesn't like to have Castle around, I don't understand why she's giving Beckett such a hard time. She's not only being harsh but when it came to find out who's the victim without a body and all they could tell so far was that it's a man, she was really unfair. What is Beckett suppose to do? Maybe she's pushing so hard because she wants her to become an even better detective but I think they need to be careful that her behavior does not become ridiculous.

    Oh and one more thing? What's with that blouse? Really, I know Beckett's taste in clothing is interessting from time to time. But this snake pattern blouse? That was ... . I would have confessed everything just to get that one out of sight. ;-)

  • Head Set


    So the beginning was really freaky in the fact that there was no body and getting to the warehouse with all those other bodies was actually quite funny with Castle's classic line "They're here".

    The main parts of this episode was Alexis not getting into Stanford, which I think I'm actually quite glad for as I think she would be missed from the show if she were to leave. Plus you get to see Castle being protective dad which is cool.

    The other main part was can love survive eternity? Freezing your body to come back to life a hundred or a thousand years later is something that is very much still debated.

    Good storyline and some cute moments between Castle/Beckett esp the part with Lanie in the morgue. Not one of the best epsiodes but it was ok.

  • 403


    "Talk about taking a header."

    I sound like a broken record, but it seems like this is the formula for Castle: creative murder, then bland, unoriginal procedural for the next 30 minutes. Whatever it takes to get to syndication, right? Nah, I still like the show, but it is not having a good season thus far.

    We did get a side storyline, which was also kind of sad as Alexis was rejected from the school of her dreams. Not usually a fan of stuff with her, but Molly Quinn handled it well and shined during her scenes. Too bad Castle can't come up with something good for her more often.