Season 4 Episode 21


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2012 on ABC

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  • Getting back on the track

    --caution, small spoilers inside, nothing on the main story though--

    All right, we're getting back on the right track, let's just hope it won't take too long to finally see Castle and Kate back on their old relation of complicity or even better, finally see them together.

    In the mean time, Castle tried to follow another detective and saw that it didn't work as well as he thought. Fillion and Baldwin are usually fun to watch together, as Firefly proved us, but the chemistry between those to wasn't as good as I expected, maybe because of Baldwin's character who wasn't very likable, even though it was great to see him. The episode was quite funny, especially Ryan and Esposito blackmailing Castle for free stuff as payback, and castle trying to act like a cop in the bar. I enjoyed it, so i'll give it a 7.5. I'll give an 8 or more when I see the old Castle I like back for good !
  • Welcome back!!

    Not before time.

    Castle has been simply awful over the last few episodes, seemingly forgetting it's original blend of drama and comedy.

    Enter Mr. Baldwin and all returns to normal, with vulnerable Castle getting kicked from pillar to post.

    I wasn't too happy with Ryan and Esposito playing the blackmail card when Castle needed an assist but certainly entertaining.

    Beckett "somewhat" redeemed herself after last weeks effective betrayal and let's be clear, that's exactly what it was.

    Having Castles back should have been given more weight but we can't have everything I suppose.
  • Headhunters

    I did not watch Firefly, so I did not appreciate the guest star in the way some did, but this was still a very good episode of Castle. A lot of fun with the different element, seeing Castle actually get involved in an altercation and an interesting case as well. While it was an entertaining hour, I do not want them to kill the Beckett character's believability by having her blush like a school girl over Castle.
  • Best Episode in a long time

    When I heard Adam Baldwin is guest starring in this episode I knew that the chemistry between those two is going to be in the air, but I didn't expect it would be that funny.

    I have never laughed that much on any Castle episode. I mean, when Castle held the gun and shouted in the bar NPYD (Instead on NYPD) and he tried to catch the bad guy and held his legs and hit him with the bottle. Man this was hilarious.

    Adam is a cop with twisted ways and I really love his ways of torture, it makes the episode more exciting.

    I hope he comes more often.

    Beckett's jealousy and the way she talked to her shrink was interesting.

    I loved this episode and it deserves 10.
  • What a mess!

    Can an episode reaquainting Fillion and Baldwin be bad? Er yes, it can. Baldwin has been peddling his mad-eyed psycho character for years now on FIREFLY and CHUCK so he can sleepwalk through stuff as flimsy as this.

    The McGuffin of the episode ("heads in a bag on a dead guy") was ignored after a while in favour of a standard turf war motivation and Ryan & Esposito only got into the episode by acting entirely out of character. Speaking of that, in what way can they be friends with Castle now having NOT covered his back and acted instead like a pair of high-school girls punishing the bad boyfriend of their bff?

    What we got instead of an episode following an NYPD dinosaur on his last legs -which might have been interesting- was one that celebrated a thug.

    For a similar character look to the great creation of Philip Glenister's detective "Gene Hunt" in the original BBC series LIFE ON MARS and ASHES TO ASHES. (Forget Harvey Keitel's somnolent take on the character in the US remake). Gene Hunt was a similar dinosaur but it was appropriate because the entire series was supposed to be happening in the 1970's!

    A detective like Ethan Slaughter (he even has a silly name) wouldn't survive one day in the modern NYPD. He's a monster out of his natural time, one that involves French Connections and Popeye Doyle!

    In the end it seemed like a rather desperate assortment of outakes cobbled into a 42 minute episode without any regard for logic or story structure.

    Sadly I hear the Chimes at Midnight and they're tolling the end of a great series in a whelter of bankrupt ideas, warmed-over leftover plot devices and comedy schtick.
  • Funniest episode

    Adam Baldwin made this the funniest episode!

    Adam... best guest star in the series.
  • fun with Jayne

    I love this episode if only for Jayne :)
  • Pilot?

    I always had the feeling that this was an inline pilot for a show for Baldwin, but I can't find anything that mentions it as such.