Season 4 Episode 8

Heartbreak Hotel

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on ABC

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  • what is Castle without the Castle- Beckett interactions?


    I am Castle's biggest fan, i love all the characters and plots, but this episode fell flat for me. The boys going off to AC had so much potential, but aside from a brief scene that has the boys strutting through a casino dressed as Elvis impersonators, the potential was not realised. Maybe Stana needed some time off or something, but the cast are great together because they all have something to offer, and are held together by the two leads, who lets be honest have the most substance.
    By taking Beckett out of the equation, we lost the witty banter that makes this show, as well as the huge amount of UST that works its way into every episode. Alexis' storyline was fun, although how many times in movies and television have we seen a teenager invite a few friends over and suddenly there are people coming from everywhere and 'Oh no! not my parent's precious vase! (Mean Girls anyone?). The writer of Castle continuously prove themselves to be exceptional, so i guess this episode was just a bit of a let down from that.

    And some questions that need to be answered:
    1. Alexis is a sensible, level headed girl, who wouldnt be friends with someone as superficial or airheaded as her 'friend' who told her 'lighten up, it's only a party!', so why do that?
    2. Lanie and Esposito broke up? When? Why? for a show that is usually so great at getting into it's characters, this was as unseen and abrupt as their hooking up in the first place.
    3. What the hell is Det. Gates' problem with Castle? He never did anything to her, yet she refuses to see how helpful he is, to the point of VERY unprofessionally ignoring him when he is speaking. What is she, 14?

    Out of my love for Castle i will grade this ep a 7, but I am looking forward to the writing team picking up their game for the next ep.